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The college season for me begins with….


These days it is real good to be a Florida Gator. National Championships, top recruiting, great players and always fun to watch. So, with marked interest this year the Gators open up at home against a Hawaii team that is truly over matched after having lost a once in a score player in Colt Brennan.

Sadly there will be no Percy Harvin (my prediction for the Heisman this year), and no Brandon Spikes on defense. It shouldn’t matter as, in the words of the immortal ball coach, the Gators will probably “hang a half a hundred on em” and begin the season with a victory.

Did you think I would have him in Gator Paraphernalia?…Wooooooooooo!

Ranked #5 in in both polls, the gators are sitting pretty with no one gunning for them and a favorable enough schedule to bring them to our ultimate goal….

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NFL Preseason Power Rankings

Ahhhh my turn:

32. Atlanta Falcons…RC QB, new starting RB and an organization recovering from chaos.

31. Chicago Bears…The DEF is good, but absolutely no weapons.

30. Miami Dolphins…Parcells has them in the right direction, but still no better than expansion talent.

29. Oakland Raiders…Al Davis still thinks a winner can be made out of retreads.

28. Kansas City Chiefs…When you take away a couple of potential HOF OL, it gets ugly.

27. Houston Texans…Schaub looks good, but will this team ever have a all-purpose back?

26. Detroit Lions…Wow makes me happy to be a Bills fan.

25. San Francisco 49ers…If Rogers in Green Bay fails, he and Alex Smith could be worst QB class ever.

24. S. L. Rams…Steven Jackson got his new deal, will it be enough to get this once powerful OFF on track?

23. Baltimore Ravens…Looks like Flacco will start afterall, is the DEF getting old?

22. Arizona Cardinals…Fast young DEF, QB turmoil, is Wisenhunt the answer?

21. Cincinnati Bengals…They believe in Chris Perry, but injured WRs need to get healthy fast.

20. Carolina Panthers…I love Jonathan Stewart, but something seems to always go wrong.

19. Denver Broncos…Shanahan may have a life deal, but it may be time for some new blood.

18. Washington Redskins…Great draft and I think Zorn will do well, but still a couple years away.

17. Tennessee Titans…Give Vince Young some targets, and Jeff Efeeshare and co. could be closer.

16. NY Jets…According to Vegas Favre is only good for a game and a half, I agree.

15. Philly Eagles…Might be McNabbs last stand, he deserves some love from the town that loves to hate.

14. Buff Bills…DEF looks fast, OFF rides on Edwards, a little early for playoff prediction, but you never know.

13. Tampa Bay Bucs…Hopefully with 317 QBS on the roster they can find one Gruden likes.

12. Cleveland Browns…Big time OFF, good DEF, consistency is a big issue.

11. Seattle Seahawks…Still have a lot of talent, but might miss Shaun.

10. NY Giants…No love for the defending Super Bowl Champs? It was the pass rush that got them there.

9. Green Bay Packers…I have faith that Aaron Rodgers will do well, can the fans move on with him?

8. Pittsburgh Steelers…Big Ben and co. will quietly make some noise in the AFC.

7. New Orleans Saints…Drew Brees is poised for a huge year with a new weapon in Shockey.

6. Jacksonville Jags…Consistent team that really needs a receiver to step up.

5. Indianaplois Colts…As long as Manning is passing they have a shot.

4. Minnesota Vikings…Oh how Vike fans are praying Tarvaris Jackson can play.

3. Dallas Cowboys…Will likely represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

2. San Diego Chargers…This may be their last shot at the title, and Merriman better not risk his career.

1. New England Patriots…Who else?

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What is wrong with the Cincinnati Bengals?

I read today that after multiple arrests and trouble with the law, not only did the Bengals resign wide receiver Chris Henry, but he is set to be the team captain in their final preseason game.

Now I understand that it is important to use positive reinforcement in an effort to help rehabilitate an oft-troubled character. What I can not understand is why NFL teams keep giving chances to these guys that give organizagtions and the NFL a bad name.

It would be as if a guy mugged me and beat the crap out of me and in turn I give him a key to my house and tell him to stop by anytime.

Seriously, when is someone going to set an example and make thuggary a death sentence to an NFL career?

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Football season is here!!!!!

I had my first fantasy draft, watched a preseason game and made plans on where I am going to watch the Gator Season opener. It is sad that the greatest sport has the shortest season, but I guess that is why we love the game so much.

It will be a busy season on this blog and I look forward to sharing all of my completely relevant and accurate opinions with all.

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Breaking down the “Dream Team” vs. the “Redeem Team”

There is a lot of talk recently about whether or not this years U.S. Olympic Mens Basketball Team could stack up to the 1992 “Dream Team” that is a virtual who’s-who of current and future Hall of Famers. I myself was quick to say there is no way this years team could handle the power and ability of the stars from almost two decades ago. But I wanted to be sure so I decided to put it to a test and see if man-for-man the two teams stack up. Lets take a look at the position match up and then we will look at the intangibles to see who is more dominant.

PG: John Stockton vs. Jason Kidd

Kidd has averaged 14 pts, 7 rbs and 9 asts per game throughout fourteen years in the NBA while Stockton averaged 13 pts, 3 rbs and 11 asts per game over a nineteen year career. Now some would argue that Chris Paul is the real PG star on the team, but Jason Kidd has been at it longer to have warranted a starting nod. Stockton had his security blanket in Karl Malone all his years in Utah. Kidd has been on a multitude of teams yet still has remained constant.

Advantage: Kidd

SG: Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan

I understand that Kobe is slowly creeping into Jordan territory, but no one to this day has been as consistent and clutch as MJ. While Kobe has averaged 25 pts, 5 rbs and 5 asts a game, Jordan similarly averaged 30 pts, 6 rbs and 5 asts, but six championships and numerous MVPs puts Jordan in a category like no other.

Advantage: Jordan

SF: Carmelo Anthony vs. Scottie Pippen

In his relatively short career Carmelo Anthony has put up quite the resume averaging 24 pts, 6 rbs and 3 asts per game. He is a star despite the a seemingly lack of leadership abilities that has plagued this new generation of superstars. Scottie Pippen has a Hall of Fame resume that includes six championships. His stats are moderate at 16 pts, 6 rbs and 5 asts per game. Overall Pippen was a great player that surely benefited playing next to MJ, but basing it purely on play I would argue that Melo has done more in his short career than Pippen accomplished in the same time.

Advantage: Carmelo Anthony

PF: Lebron James vs. Charles Barkley

The prodigal son, Lebron James has been a man amongst boys since his high school days. Averaging 27 pts, 7 rbs and 7 asts a game, he has put up numbers that we have not seen in some time and it is only a matter of time before he wins his first championship. Sir Charles, the sophisticated brute, who terrorized offenses and defenses with his all around game, averaged 22 pts, 12 rbs and 4 asts a game en route to the Hall of Fame. While on the surface “King” James has the numbers, Barkley dominated and some feel he didn’t even maximize his potential. Until James does is for a few more years the nod must go to Barkley.

Advantage: Charles Barkley

C: Dwight Howard vs. David Robinson

The center position may be the most pivotal on the hardwood and few have accomplished as much as “The Admiral” David Robinson. Averaging 21 pts, 11 rbs, 3 asts and 3 blks a game he dominated the opposition and did it consistently for many years. Dwight Howard is a pure beast and his potential is limitless, but at 17 pts, 12 rbs, 1 asts and 2 blks per game he has yet to achieve Robinson’s all-around dominant game.

Advantage: Robinson

Reserve Backcourt: Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Deron Williams & Michael Redd vs. Magic Johnson & Chris Mullin

While Magic Johnson is considered by many to be the greatest PG ever despite it not being his natural position tells a large story. But you can not deny the talent and accomplishments, even this early, of Wade, Paul, Williams and Redd.

Advantage: Youngins

Reserve Frontcourt: Carlos Boozer, Tayshaun Prince and Chris Bosh vs. Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone & Christian Laettner

Carlos Boozer, Prince and Bosh can flat out play and are dominant in many respects, but the legends, even with a disappointing Laettner, are too much to over come.

Advantage: Classics

Coaches: Take Hall of Famer Chuck Daly against “The” college legend in Mike kryz…krzy…chef…well its just too close to call.

Advantage: Even

Intangibles: The main intangible to look at would be the opponents these teams played. With out a doubt the international players this time around are much more solid and many of them play in the NBA as well. The game has evolved. It is a game filled with highlights and dunks, and less of a team game that it used to be. But….when witnessing the amount of talent and egos on this team it is amazing they have come together to blow out their higher class opponents. While it is Hall of Fame vs. potential Hall of Fame, no one can deny that both teams are incredible.

Advantage: 2008

So ladies and gentlemen we have a tie. You might feel upset, but it really is too close to call and too difficult to tell.

Now on a note of clarification. I did not include Bird and Magic in the starters because I wanted to pair up each player as they were in their primes. Considering Magic and Bird were in the twilights of their careers it would not be fair to stack them up against players in their primes. Overall it is a debate that will continue, but one thing is for sure it looks as though both will ultimately achieve their goals…the gold!

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The business of evil

I came across an article today discussing the trend of what was called “murderabilia”. It deals in the auctioning and selling of items and relics from killers and muderers. Signed items from the likes of John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, David Burkowitz, Jefferey Dahmer and others is fetching eye popping prices at auction and in sales.

My first inclination was to draw my ire toward the seller thinking how could someone be so demented as to want to profit off people who have caused so much pain and suffering throughout society. The more I thought the less I decided to hold these people accountable. You see business is business and has been since the beginning of time, but if a product does not sell or bring profits it is quickly discarded and the merchant moves on. In my mind the real culprit of this tragic trend is the buyers who are willing to pay for these items.

What does it say about our culture when what we see as valuable, historical or not, is the shameful signature or owned item of this scourge of society? I wonder if in other countries or cultures, if people relish in the items of the criminals from that country?

As a society it pains me more and more to see the negative worshipped and the positive frowned upon and even loathed to some degree. I understand that this is not directly involved with sports but many of these items are sold in sports memorabilia auctions. Baseball cards, autographed balls, game-worn jerseys and John Wayne Gacy’s social security card. It just does not fit and one would hope this is only a passing fad and not an indicator of where our society has gone.

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Not sure why I still enjoy pro wrestling

Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed the drama that unfolds inside the “squared-circle”. Wrestling is to guys what “Days of our lives” or General Hospital” is to women. For myself I believe it is a link to my past…a more innocent time. When I began watching hulking steroid filled men throw each other around the ring in an almost poetic charade, I believed in it. It was something to root for, something where good defeated evil (despite the racial or sexual innuendo involved). It was an excitedly anticipated ride that even as times past and the reality of the true nature of wresting came to my mind, I was able to block it out and still enjoy the entertainment value involved.

Well I am tired of making excuses or lying about it. For those that mock or call it childish, I challenge you to find something that you enjoy in your life that isn’t childish or somewhat “make-believe”. Until then I will continue to enjoy the athletic and comedic nature of the wrestling business. From this day forward I am out of the “wrasslin'” closet and am a proud watcher of the most entertaining dramacomedyaction show on television.

Just don’t tell anybody!

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There is no entitlement for professional athletes

As profesional athlete salaries get ridiculously higher and more and more players keep trying to outdo their counterparts, I keep hearing analysts and former players compare what owners make in relationship to the players.

This makes no sense!

It makes no sense because in the non-sporting world in any company or corporation the owner is the OWNER. If you are smart enough or well-drivin and you build a successful business, you alone benefit the most and reap the rewards. Why is football or basketball so much different? The owners of the teams finance the teams, the game and sometimes the arena or stadium, so why should they not make the most money? I understand that the players put the bodies in the seats, but employees make the company work as well. In the corporate world if you perform you can move up and get paid more, and if you fail to perform you get fired or demoted. The same should work in sports, when a player performs he gets paid and when he does not the owner has a right to fire him.

Too many times i am hearing how “players need new contracts”, and “guarantees are good for the game” (actually I like one year guarantees). What is good for sports is athletes that understand it is a privelage to make millions playing the game they love.

I am disgusted with players like Manny Ramirez (who I was a huge fan of) who tank it in order to pine for a huge deal in the off season at the advice of their greedy, self-serving, money grubbing agents. I loathe Joshua Cribbs, who is a Special Teamer…a frigging keick returner who just signed a six year deal to return kicks and one year later (after the cleary superior) Devin Hester signs a bigger deal so Cribbs is holding out with FIVE years left on his deal.

I wish owners would take a stand and just tell these guys to sit and shut up. Would it not be great to see Cribbs waste five of his years holding out? I would love to see Kobe Bryant or Lebron James leave the NBA for a European contract that can not clearly be matched. It would send a clear message that today’s athletes are all about them money and owners and fans alike would realize that our loyalties are to the teams not the players.

I am a reasonable person and am all for players making the most they can because they can not play forever and insurance against injuries is important. I see all pro athletes like Jason Peters of the Bills holdimng out in the final year of his deal because he has clearly outplayed his current deal.

My main concern is to see players lose the sense of entitlement and realize and appreciate the gift that has been given to them. Maybe then sports will return to a more innocent age and the legends of yesterday will be ressurected…although I am not holding my breathe.

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The White Josh Gibson

I never cease to be annoyed by the fact that segregation deprived us of seeing what some of the greatest ballplayers in history could have accomplished. I am too young to make statements such as “it would have been great to have seen…”, but I am not too young to say “I would love to hear stories of how…”. What if Satchel Paige faced Babe Ruth in the World Series? How many hits would Oscar Charleston or Judy Johnson have on their resumes? Would Josh Gibson make Feller look like a minor leaguer? All these questions make one wonder.

We made idols out of players that may have been great, even the best, but they were never tested or held to a standard of comparison to a whole race of players. It is unfortunate that we can not turn back time, but what we can do is remember and give credit where credit is due. We take for granted that we got to see Gwynn against Ryan, Griffey Jr. blast one off Randy Johnson and witness the Red Sox win the series led by guys named Ortiz and Ramirez. I love baseball history and every time I get a chance to here stories of Negro League players I sit mesmerized because they are usually tales untold. As one gentleman once told me as I sat awed “Many people referred to Josh Gibson as the Black Babe Ruth, but some like to call Ruth The White Josh Gibson”.

What a treat it would have been to see these guys compete.

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Only fitting that my first post be a Favre post!!

Let me start off by saying that I am not a Packers fan or a Southern Miss. fan or a fan of guys with hellaciously difficult last names. What I am a fan of is the Buffalo Bills (my hometown) and the UF Gators (my Alma Mater). But beyond having my favorite teams as most loyal (or bandwagon) fans do, I am a true fan of the game of football – the ultimate team sport and most exciting game in the world – and Brett Favre.

Given my affinity for sports history whether it be the gridiron, the diamond, the court, the rink, the links, or the other great sports of the world, I felt it necessary to comment on one of the greatest athletes of our time, the question of his legacy and whether or not it is being tarnished by the circus that seemingly is being perpetuated by the man himself.

Brett Favre’s entrance into the NFL began with some intersting turn of events as he was a 2nd round pick to Atlanta and was subsequently traded the following off season to the Packers where he would eventually become the legend he is today. One Superbowl, Three MVPs and every record in the books later Favre has come to the cross roads in his career that most professional athletes come to when the subject of retirement comes to pass. For three years now he has retired and subsequently returned after some time to put the Packers in athe most arduaous of predicaments year in and year out.

Now this year the Pack has decided that enough is enough and told Favre he is not welcome back after a multitude of mind changes. After all his accompishments, on and off the field, the question bears to mind whether or not he is taking away from the legacy that he has established.

The Answer is ~*No*~

Favre has been the premier QB in the NFL for the last seventeen years and arguably is the greatest QB ever. I myself have been a huge Favre fan since high school when I recognized his inestimatable talent. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are the ones whose legacy will be remembered as the guys who shunned the greatest QB ever and possibly deprived Green Bay fans of a Super Bowl in order to spite Favre and bring in Aaron Rodgers who clearly will not take them anywhere this year (although he may be a great QB ib the end).

In the end there is only one true winner and that is Bus Cook who will generate a payday for himself while hiding behind the true players in this soap opera that has taken place before the upcoming 2008 football season. Favre will go to either the Jets or the Bucs this year and attempt to make an average team better with the only negative being the Hall of Fame having to wait one more year to enshrine him.

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