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Week 4 Power Rankings

32 (32). St. Louis Rams (0-4)…Linehan finally met his demise despite a strong first half from the Rams. Maybe Haslett can get these guys going. Though he is a DEF coordinator so maybe not.

31 (30). Detroit Lions (0-3)…They fall a spot out of respect for Millen. We just figure that he was used to losing and moving down in rankings.

30 (29). Houston Texans (0-3)…The Texans can not seem to get it going. Slaton looks to be a find, but has anyone seen Andre Johnson?

29 (26). Cincinnati Bengals (0-4)…Just when we saw them almost upset the defending Super Bowl Champs and potentially right the ship they lose to the winless Browns and took another step backwards.

28 (28). Oakland Raiders (0-4)…This just in…The Raiders have fired Kiffin. Does this surprise anyone? My prediction is that they started to show something against some good teams and I think they will now get worse.

27 (11). Minnesota Vikings (1-3)…Things are just wrong here. Frerrote might be hurt bring Jackson back into the fold and the running game that was thought to be elite has been average.

26 (27). Cleveland Browns (1-3)…The beat the Bengals who are winless. GM Savage is squashing rumors of Quinn taking over at QB.

25 (25). Seattle Seahawks (1-2)…The Hawks were on a bye week and got a little healthier as Deion Branch returns this week. Hasselback is giddy.

24 (21). Atlanta Falcons (2-2)…This team is nice at home and terrible on the road, an exact sign that they are young but with talent.

23 (23). Miami Dolphins (1-2)…The Fins were on a bye week and it remains to be seen if they can duplicate the effort against the Patriots.

22 (19). San Francisco 49ers (2-2)…Like the Falcons another young and up-and-coming team. Its still early to see if preseason hype will translate.

21 (18). Arizona Cardinals (2-2)…Boldin’s injury looked bad and they say he will be okay. Can they get back on track against the undefeated Bills?

20 (24). NY Jets (2-2)…The offense was unstoppable. Favre looked amazing. Can they be consistent? Not likely.

19 (31). Kansas City Chiefs (1-3)…They shouldn’t be this high, but I forgot to put them in earlier and am too lazy to go back and fix it. LJ looked great though.

18 (17). New England Patriots (2-1)…They drop one spot to continue the humiliation they suffered against Miami. Plus I don’t like them.

17 (22). Chicago Bears (2-2)…The Bears seem to be winning the games they shouldn’t and losing the games they should win. Can this team become the Bears of a few years ago and make a run?

16 (20). Baltimore Ravens (2-1)…The Ravens went into Pittsburgh and almost defeated the hurting Steelers. The Defense looks dominating and Flacco’s on-the-job training is going well.

15 (15). New Orleans Saints (2-2)…They won against the 49ers, but something other than injuries keeps this team an enigma. I think they will be in the mix at the end, but they need to get consistent.

14 (9). Green Bay Packers (2-2)…After winning the first two they have come back to earth and lost consecutive games. Rodgers is hurt and they have no backup plan. Looks bad in Wisconsin.

13 (14). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1)…The Bucs came out and one a game after the tragic death of Matt Bryant’s infant son. This team is overachieving and the people in Tampa hope they keep it up.

12 (13). Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2)…The Jags have fought back and are now back to .500 though they needed two overtimes to do it. Scrappy ball club with an average QB means it could go either way.

11 (12). Carolina Panthers (3-1)…Muhsin Muhammad and Steve Smith had huge days. Delhomme is excited about having this tandem back together again.

10 (2). Denver Broncos (3-1)…Looked vulnerable against a bad Chiefs team. This teams achilles heal is its small defense and it doesn’t look to get any better.

9 (4). Philadelphia Eagles (2-2)…The Eagles are a great team in the strongest division in football. It will be an up and down year as they fight to stay alive.

8 (10). San Diego Chargers (2-2)…Chargers fans were scared in the first half against the Raiders as they were losing 15-0. Thank goodness they saved their season and looked good in the process as well.

7 (8). Indianapolis Colts (1-2)…The bye week will help to heal them and it could not have come at a better time. Look for this team to rebound.

6 (1). Dallas Cowboys (3-1)…I still think they are the class in the NFC. They played a perfect Redskins team (with a little help from the refs) and lost at home. They will still have the homefield in the conference.

5 (6). Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1)…They survived against Baltimore and got more banged up in the process. This team needs Roethlisberger to come through and start winning some games for them because the running game is all but done.

4 (16). Washington Redskins (3-1)…Enjoy it Skins fans as this is the highest they will go this season. I still believe they are the fourth best team in the NFC east and time will show it.

3 (7). Buffalo Bills (4-0)…The Bills have beaten some bad teams and had to come from behind to do it. They need to start establishing themselves in the first half because against better teams they will not be able to produce the magic.

2 (5). Tennessee Titans (4-0)…They have the best coach in football. They have the best defense in football…Can Kerry Collins pull a Dilfer and take them all the way. Why not?

1 (3). NY Giants (3-0)…I would like to see them dominate a little more, but they are the defending champs and will stay here until someone beats them.


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Week 4: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Things are starting to clear up:

The Good

The Giants remained undefeated in their bye week and the Bills and Titans round out the remaining unbeaten teams. The Titans look dominant and their defense, led by early DEF MVP Albert Haynesworth, has been amazing. The Titans have the best coach in football and despite the porn-stache he has them playing tremendous football. The Bills have needed to come from behind against three teams this year (two bad ones) and at times they remind the Bills of old. The difference is they are finding a way to win and Trent Edwards has shown some great things that you look for in a leader and QB. Lastly, Brett Favre showed why he chose not to retire as he threw for a career high six touchdowns in beating the Cardinals this past Sun. Favre has a lot left in him and he is still so fun to watch.

Brett Favre is playing like the Favre of old...maybe not this old, but you get the point.

Brett Favre is playing like the Favre of old...maybe not this old, but you get the point.

The Bad

The Lions, Rams and Raiders continue their tailspins. Matt Millen was finally fired and the Lions fans are celebrating. Unfortunately the team now has to deal with all of his inane picks. How far back did Millen put this already miserable franchise, only time will tell. The Rams fired Scott Linehan after they squandered their best effort to date against the Bills at home. Up 14-6 at one point, the Rams went on to lose 31-14 and Linehan will go back to coordinating. The good news is they have the best player on a bad team in football, the bad news…absolutely no defense. Never before have I witnessed what is going on in Oakland. Al Davis is taking a once proud franchise and destroying it because of A) Senility or B) ego. which ever it might be Kiffin seems to have a somewhat talented bunch and despite the 0-4 record they have been in games and just failed to close it out. Al Davis needs to stop wanting a coach to control and step back and allow things to happen and Oakland to be great once again.

John Clayton need not fear, we know who the real crypt-keeper is.

John Clayton need not fear, we know who the real crypt-keeper is.

The Ugly

I understand that Eric Smith of the Jets says his hit was not intentional to hurt Boldin, but as the saying goes, most wars are fought with good intentions. Leading with the helmet has been shown time and again to injure people and the league should be applauded for the suspension and fine as the injury may not have been intentional, but the hit was. As the video shows their is no need or place for this in football:

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Week 4 Pigskin Prognostications

Last week Winners: 8-8   Spread: 5-11

We have reached the bye week phase of the season so not as many games to cover:

Buffalo @ St. Louis (+8)

I still insist that Buffalo won’t blow anyone out this year and St. Louis is desperate. Pick: Buffalo will win but  won’t cover.

Atlanta @ Carolina (-7)

Atlanta is looking like the team that will win the games they should and lose the games they should. They should lose this game, but Carolina is coming off a tough loss. Pick: Carolina to win but not cover.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati (-3.5)

Cleveland is reeling and it maybe time for a QB change. The Bengals played well last week and almost beat the defending Super Bowl champs. Pick: Cincinnati to win and cover.

Washington @ Dallas (-11)

This is the toughest division in football and they play each other very strong. Expect nothing different this time around. Pick: Dallas to win but won’t cover.

Denver @ Kansas City (+9)

The Broncos are putting up a ton of points (and giving up a ton as well) and KC can’t do enough to over come. Pick: Denver to win and cover.

Houston @ Jacksonville (-7)

Jacksonville is another team that doesn’t blow out a lot of people, but I have a feeling they will put up a few on the Texans. Pick: Jags to win and cover.

S.F. 49ers @ New Orleans (-5)

The Niners are surprising some people and are a team on the rise, but the Saints are just too good. Pick: Saints to win and cover.

Arizona @ NY Jets (-1.5)

The Jets are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Chargers and Arizona is putting up a lot of offense. Favre is hurting and they look a little demoralized. Pick: Arizona to win outright.

Philly @ Chicago (+3)

The Eagles are playing great football and Chicago is this years Jekyll & Hyde team. I think Dr. Jekyll will show up this week. Pick: Philly to win and cover.

San Diego @ Oakland (+7.5)

Oakland had its game last week and are facing a resurgent Charger team. I think Sand Diego is back on track and will win big. Pick: Charger to win and cover.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay (-1)

This used to be called “The Bay of Pigs”. Now it is a game of two very good clubs. The Packers played well on Mon. night despite their loss. Look for Rodgers and Co. to come out swinging. Pick: Packers to win.

Minnesota @ Tennessee (-3)

The Titans are quietly making noise in the AFC and teams have yet to notice. Minnesota has been given new life from the switch at QB and came back to win against Carolina. Pick: Minny in the upset.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (-5.5)

The Ravens have not beaten a team that has a win yet. Pittsburgh struggled against a good Philly team and  will bounce back. Pick: Steelers to win and cover.

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Week 3 Power Rankings

32 (30). St. Louis Rams (0-3)…The clock is ticking on Linehan. This team doesn’t even look like they want to be on the field.

31 (32). K.C. Chiefs (0-3)…Larry Johnson made a nice effort this week, but they QB situation is abysmal and Herm Edwards boys are in for a long year.

30 (28). Detroit Lions (0-3)…The Jr. Ford came out and blasted his dad for not firing Millen. This team is just a disaster that will get worse as the year roles on.

29 (26). Houston Texans (0-2)…The Texans can’t seem to put up points or stop anyone. Matt Schaub is a good QB, but it may not be long before he gets the blame (like Carr) and not the o-line being a turnstile.

28 (25). Oakland Raiders (1-2)…Lane Kiffin will get another week, but it isn’t a good situation when your owner and your assistants don’t communicate with you.

27 (20). Cleveland Browns (0-3)…The Browns are the ultimate underachievers this year and may decide a QB change is necessary. Not sure why Edwards can’t hold on to the ball. Crennel needs to do something fast for this shink ship will take him down with them.

26 (29). Cincinnati Bengals (0-3)…They had a good showing against the Giants almost beating them. This team has talent and hopefully will correct the issues early this season.

25 (24). Seattle Seahawks (1-2)…The Hawks played well this week in beating a hapless Rams team. It doesn’t make the team healthy or dangerous, but it does give them a win and some confidence.

24 (18). NY Jets (1-2)…The Jets allowed a ton of point to the Chargers, but the key here is they could barely score against a team that has been allowing around 35 pts a game. Favre doesn’t have the caliber of weapons he did in Green Bay and it shows.

23 (31). Miami Dolphins (1-2)…The Fins put on the ultimate upset this week, destroying the Brady-less Pats. If Miami keeps up the offensive show and Porter keeps talking, it may be a surprising season and once again show the genius of the “Tuna”.

22 (21). Chicago Bears (1-2)…The Bears lost a heartbreaking overtime game to the Bucs this week and are struggling with consistency on defense. They will be a good team if Orton can lead them week in and week out.

21 (23). Atlanta Falcons (2-1)…The Falcons are young and moving in the right direction. Problem is they are only beating up on weaker teams and can’t match up with the power teams in the NFL yet.

20 (22). Baltimore Ravens (2-0)…The Ravens two wins have come against teams that are win-less. I don’t believe in this team and their undefeated streak ends this week against Pitt.

19 (27). San Francisco 49ers (2-1)…The Niners are make people take notice and J.T. O’Sullivan is one of the highest rated passers so far this year. The put up points and are just young enough to believe in themselves.

18 (16). Arizona Cardinals (2-1)…Kurt Warner looks to revitalize the “Greatest Show on Turf” out in the desert. He has the receivers and o-line to do it. Can they stop people from scoring more than they do?

17 (8). New England Patriots (2-1)…Will Moss shut it down? Can Cassel lead them? Will Belichik break out the sleeveless hoodie? All this and more to come.

16 (17). Washington Redskins (2-1)…It must suck to be 2-1 and be considered the worst team in your division. Jason Campbell is coming into his own, but they can’t win this year in the ultra-competitive NFC East.

15 (11). New Orleans Saints (1-2)…The Saints are hurting, but this team is lightening in a bottle and when players start becoming healthy, they will be a force.

14 (14). Tampa Bay Bucaneers (2-1)…The Bucs looked great with Griese at the helm and his record setting day helped them to an over time win over the Bears. Gruden jumped for joy and made himself look even more bi-polar than usual.

13 (19). Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)…The Jags had an impressive win over the Colts this weekend and took a great leap in the division. Look for the AFC South to beat up on each other all year long.

12 (12).Carolina Panthers (2-1)…The Panthers looked outmatched by the staunch Vikings defense. Steve Smith will be a boost, but the running game looks suspect.

11 (15). Minnesota Vikings (1-2)…The Vikes looked like a different team with Frerotte in control of the offense. The defense looked like the defense we expected this year. Made the QB move at the right time.

10 (13). San Diego Chargers (1-2)…The Chargers did what we had expected all season from them on Mon. night. This is still a dangerous team that is a couple plays away from 3-0. LT looked like LT.

9 (4). Green Bay Packers (2-1)…The Packers looked good against a clearly better team in Dallas. Al Harris will be missed the rest of the year and hopefully Ryan Grant can continue to heal.

8 (5). Indianapolis Colts (1-2)…The Colts a reeling from injuries and Manning could not save them this week against the Jags. They are loving the bye week right now and should come back with a vengeance.

7 (10). Buffalo Bills (3-0)…The Bills are winning games they used to lose. For only the second time in history kicked a game winning field goal as time expired. This team is finding ways to win and is on top of the AFC East.

6 (2). Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)…Big Ben and co. did not look great against the Eagles and are becoming a team plagued with injuries. If they can not hold on and win some close ones they could fall fast.

5 (9). Tennessee Titans (3-0)…Kerry Collins gives them the experience and mistake-free leadership they needed. This team has a stout Def and is quietly making waves in the AFC.

4 (7). Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)…The Westbrook injury made people gasp in Philly, but it looks minor. This team has returned to being a dominant force, but in the NFC East how far can they go?

3 (6). NY Giants (3-0)…Had a scare this week against the Bengals but did what winners do.

2 (3). Denver Broncos (3-0)…Are two bad officiating calls away from 1-2. Problem is, despite the def not stopping anyone, who can out score them? Maybe only one team.

1 (1). Dallas Cowboys (3-0)…Proved once again this week why they are the team to beat in the NFL. Winning at Lambeau is not easy especially in prime time. This team is scary good!

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Week 3: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

There might be a changing of the guard in the AFC this year, here is the shining moments and the discouraging notions from week 3.

The Good

The Cowboys, Giants, Broncos, Titans, Ravens and Bills are the remaining undefeagted teams in the NFL. While the Cowboys and Titans won big and the Ravens played a bad looking Browns team, the Bills, Broncos and Giants all showed grit and character by winning close at home and solidigied themselves as powers in thier respective conferences. The Broncos have a lights out offense and Cutler and Marshall are on the verge of stardom. The Giants are quietly making noise again while everyone seems to be talking about the Cowboys. I am not convinced that the Ravens are for real as they have not played anyone of note yet. The Bills almost looked like the Bills of old, yet something is different this year and they are winning the games they did not pull out in the past, the wagons are circling.

The only thing this guy circles is the keg!
The only thing this guy circles is the keg!

The Bad

Just how bad are the Rams, Chiefs and Lions? They have been outscored a combined 307-120!! Folks I can’t remember a time when this many teams were this bad. Look for a multitude of changes and fans should hope that irreparable damages are not being done for the foreseeable future.

Scott Linehan is saving his secret weapon for after their bye week!
Scott Linehan is saving his secret weapon for after their bye week!

The Ugly

Yesterday in Foxboro Mass. the Patriots were blown away almost single-handedly by Miami Running Back Ronnie Brown. Brown not only ran for four scores but threw one as well. Things are getting ugly in New England and one has to think about how long will Randy Moss be able to contain himself. When things are well and smooth on a Moss team he is the best in the business and when his teams start performing not so well he tends to shut it down. Observers noticed glimpses of this yesterday when he was spotted alone at the end of the bench with a towel over his head. Things in New England are not looking great but I would not be so quick to rule them out of the race as they are still a Belichick coached team and have the talent and veteran leadership to turn it around.

A symbol of the Patriots collective after this weeks defeat.
A symbol of the Patriots collective after this weeks defeat.

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Week 3 Pigskin Prognostications

As we head into week three we will be picking winners against the spread each week.

K.C. Chiefs @ Atlanta Falcons (-5.5)

The Chiefs bring in one of the worst teams to this point into Atlanta, a team trying to define itself. I see Matt Ryan looking every bit like the #1 overall that he is. Pick: Falcons to cover.

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens (-2.5)

The Ravens are coming off their pseudo-bye week and the Browns need to show why some had big aspirations for them this year. Pick: Browns to cover and win outright.

Oakland Raiders @ Buffalo Bills (-8.5)

The Raiders are in disarray and many guys will want to play for their coach. Buffalo looks great but won’t blow many out including this week. Pick: Raiders taking the points with Buffalo winning the game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Chicago Bears (-3)

The Bucs just can’t decide on a QB and the Bears looked great in week one before squandering a win in week two. Look for a low scoring game. Pick: Bears to win and cover.

Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers (+3)

The Cowboys are riding high and look almost unbeatable with that loaded offense. The Packers are making doubters run for the hills and Rodgers has looked great. Pick: I like the upset Packers to win outright.

New Orleans Saints @ Denver Broncos (-5.5)

The Saints have been up and down while the Broncos have looked very strong. With Colston out it leaves one less weapon and the Broncos have too much fire power. Pick: Broncos to cover and win.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts (-5)

Both teams have underachieved through week two, with tons of injuries hindering them. The Colts may get Dallas Clark and Jeff Saturday back this week, but this will be a hard gritty game. Pick: Jacksonville to cover, but the colts to win outright.

Carolina Panthers @ Minnesota Vikings (-3)

This may be the sucker bet of the week as the Vikings have a new QB and a hurting RB, while the Panthers are 2-0 without Steve Smith and get him back this week. The desperation of the Vikes may fire them up but I am not sure. Pick: Panthers to win outright.

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots (-12.5)

This is a lot of points for a team that did not have much offense against the Jets. Look for Miami to be fired up despite the Joey Porter bulletin material. Pick: Pats to win but won’t cover.

Cincinnati Bengals @ New York Giants (-13.5)

The Bengals are reeling and slowly losing the desire of Chad Johnson. I do not see them coming out of there funk this week against the G-Men. Look for Palmer to have a long day. Pick: Giants to win and cover.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Philadelphia Eagles (-3)

I think the Steelers look good this year despite their close win last week (close on the board not in the game) in torrid conditions. The Eagles look amazing under a fully healthy McNabb. Pick: Steelers to win outright.

Detroit Lions @ S.F. 49ers (-4)

The Lions once again can’t stop anyone and it will continue this week. Pick: 49ers to cover and win big.

St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks (-9.5)

This is another one that I feel is easy. The Rams have more talent than they are showing and the Seahawks are decimated with injuries. Pick: Rams taking the points with the Seahawks winning.

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans (-4.5)

The Texans are recovering from a hurricane and the Titans are recovering from Vince Young. With a lot more talent the Titans are still a better team. Pick: Titans to cover and win.

Arizona Cardinals @ Washington Redskins (-3)

The Cardinals are a team with a history of looking good early and sinking late. The Skins are looking to be inconsistent. I see the Cards as more for real than the Redskins. Pick: Cardinals to win outright.

NY Jets @ San Diego Chargers (-9)

The Chargers were many peoples favorite to win it all after Brady went down. The are now 0-2 after two heartbreaking (and bad officiating) losses. They get it back on track this week. Pick: Charger to win and cover.

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Week 2 Power Rankiings!

Things are beginning to slowly clear up:

32 (27). Kansas City Chiefs…Made the disgruntled Raiders look awesome, this team is in trouble.

31 (29). Miami Dolphins…This team just has nobody right now. Henne looked good in garbage time, but hopefully the young players will step up.

30 (32). St. Louis Rams…Only move up by default. The owner has stated that if the team does not pick it up changes will be made….get ready for changes.

29 (30). Cincinnati Bengals…Oh the Bengals, they continue to struggle on offense and on defense (Lewis’ specialty) they have never been spectacular. Palmer and company need to move fast.

28 (28). Detroit Lions…There offense is lightening in a bottle, but could they have the worst defense in football?

27 (25). San Francisco 49ers…I keep saying this team has the makings, but they just can’t put it together. Will Nolan get this young group on track or could it be someone else?

26 (26). Houston Texans…Tough week when you lose your bye week after a hurricane, I think the players are all focused on their families and normality, how bad will it affect them?

25 (31). Oakland Raiders…Got a win this week against the hapless Chiefs, but Kiffin is losing a battle against the biggest ego (yes including Jerry Jones) in football. This season will finish under a new coach.

24 (24). Seattle Seahawks…Julius Jones played well, but this injury plagued team can not go far with no receivers and an ailing QB.

23 (20). Atlanta Falcons…Regressed in a big way and Matt Ryan showed he is still just a rookie, but this team shows some promise.

22 (22). Baltimore Ravens…Like the Texans I didn’t move them because of unforeseen circumstances. Can Flacco work magic again after a layoff?

21 (19). Chicago Bears…Let a big lead slip away. Did not look like the team from week one, which Bears team will show up next week?

20 (15). Cleveland Browns…This team is such a tease. Everyone was riding high on them and they just do not seem to have the intestinal fortitude to win big games.

19 (14). Jacksonville Jaguars…Jack Del Rio is an annoying sideline presence, but rest assured I would not want to face that DEF in week three.

18 (16). New York Jets…Brett Favre seems to be holding back and the staff is making excuses. They need to just let him do his thing.

17 (23). Washington Redskins…They impressed me with the win against the hurting Saints and Campbell has a gun. They need the receivers to be more consistent, but in the toughest division in football how far can this team go?

16 (21). Arizona Cardinals…Warner is an amazing passer and the receiver duo is the best in the league. The DEF needs to step up to give them a chance every week. This team could win their division after the first 2-0 start in about a millennium.

15 (11). Minnesota Vikings…Travaris Jackson may not be the guy, but childress is sticking by him…for now!

14 (17). Tampa Bay Buccaneers…Gruden needs to get this thing under control quick if they have any hopes of returning to the post season.

13 (5). San Diego Chargers…LT is hurting and the DEF seems to miss Merriman. They keep losing close games and they may have been passed by the Broncos for the division’s best.

12 (18). Carolina Panthers…They get Steve Smith back this week and boy they have to be thrilled with being 2-0 without him. They are a team to watch and Fox along with Jauron are the early coach of the year candidates.

11 (3). New Orleans Saints…They have been plagued by injuries and look to be an inconsistent team. They can put up a lot of points when needed and are still one of the top teams in the NFC.

10 (13). Buffalo Bills…They are playing inspired football led by Marcus Stroud on the D-Line. If this team is only going to get better then you may want to take note.

9 (12). Tennessee Titans…The DEF has them at 2-0 and Collins is the answer for now. How quickly can Fisher straighten out Vince Young’s head?

8 (8). New England Patriots…Fantasy owners of Randy Moss must be just as heartbroken as those of Brady right now. Somehow though this team will pull together and be playing in Jan.

7 (6). Philadelphia Eagles…Last night was a hell of a game and McNabb looks to be that of old. Can both wild cards come from the NFC East?…I say yes.

6 (9). New York Giants…The defending champs are quietly making noise and that DEF is revved up behind Justin Tuck. Will they make another run?

5 (7). Indianapolis Colts…Most will think I am too high on them, but as long as they have Manning they are in the hunt and will be a threat.

4 (4). Green Bay Packers…Could they be better with a mobile Aaron Rodgers? This is the most intriguing year-long story line to watch.

3 (10). Denver Broncos…Some are saying that Cutler to Marshall is the best combo in the league, maybe but I continue to fear this team led by Shanahan…especially if a RB emerges from the pack.

2 (2). Pittsburgh Steelers…The conditions were brutal on the road and they found a way to get it done, by playing Steeler football.

1 (1). Dallas Cowboys…This is an exceptional offense that will score a lot of points. How bad will losing Williams on DEF affect them over the next few weeks?

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Week 2: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Interesting thing happened in the NFL this weekend, there was parody!!…(insert sarcastic eye roll here)

The Good

The Carolina Panthers came from behind for the second week in a row without suspended WR Steve Smith to beat their opponents and solidify themselves as a legitimate team in the NFC. After being down to the Bears by more than two touchdowns the Panthers rallied behind two TDs from rookie RB Jonathan Stewart. The Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos and both put up impressive wins against solid opponents making people recognize them even more as contenders in the AFC. The Patriots through strong defense and no big errors by Matt Cassell defeated the Jets and laid to rest whether or not they would arise to fill the void left by Tom Brady. Lastly, the Indianapolis Colts came from fifteen points back to defeat the Vikings on the road mostly by climbing on the back of Peyton Manning and riding his coattails of confidence to victory. Manning never ceases to amaze me as his drive is unmatched. He also expressed a “sickening” feeling over the loss of Tom Brady and I believe he is sincere.

That's just wrong!

Thats just wrong!

The Bad

Cincinnati, Miami, Kansas City and St. Louis will end up fighting for the #1 overall pick in the 2009 NFL draft. No need to go into individual smashings as similar issues have befallen all these teams. DEFs that give up everything, offensive lines that allow grandmas to get through, QBs that are non-existent or shadows of what they once were and coaching that is not only questionable but border-line abysmal. It will be a long year for fans of these organizations. One bright note, in garbage time against a prevent AZ DEF, QB Chad Henne cam into the game and drove Miami down the field looking poised and promising.

insert any aformentioned team names above eye holes.

Directions: insert any aforementioned team names above eye holes.

The Ugly

Last nights game between the Steelers and Browns can be fittingly described as “Ugly”. Strong wins and a shoulder injury grounded the Steelers who were lucky to play strong defense against a disorganized team. The Browns were particularly ugly when with three minutes to go and down by seven the elected to kick a short field goal and hope to get the ball back instead of attempting to score seven and tie it at home. They did manage to get the ball back and with only twenty something seconds left and a whole field to go. This play will shorten Romeo Crennel’s life span as a coach and bring the once promising Browns to the bottom of the pack.

As ugly as this was the ugliest moment came in the Denver/San Diego game when with time winding down and the Broncos trailing by seven, Jay Cutler fumbled the ball only to have referee Ed Hocules blow the whistle making the play dead when the Chargers recovered. By rule it could not be overturned or challenged and Denver went on to score and win on a two point conversion. Hocules later expressed regret to Charger coach Norv Turner saying “blew [the call]”. The NFL needs to get a handle on this rule and refs should keep the whistles out of their moths until absolutely sure of a call. Otherwise let it play out and reverse later after review. The Chargers have a right to be upset and Turner’s comments, while they may draw fines, were warranted.

Referee Ed Hocules will need more than tailored shirts to make him look good after last night's blown call.

Referee Ed Hocules will need more than tailored shirts to make him look good after last night

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Anything is possible in sports

The recent fantastical efforts from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in their rise to the top of the toughest division in baseball makes me smile as a sports fan. I never thought that this team of average talent, miscreants and low paid players would have arisen to the juggernaut that it has become.

In this day and age the word “parody” has become oft-used and somewhat tiresome, but it does do justice to the current state of sports. I never believed that Lou Piniella would have turned this team into a contender. Despite the efforts of the Red Sox and Yankees, the Rays have ascended to the peak of the division and will most likely challenge for a World Series title.

In football recently the word “upset” has taken taken familiar form, so much so that in recent years the underdogs have had success over their highly favored rivals. The Giants last year did the unthinkable in unseating the Patriots and now this year with Brady’s injury it looks to be an open competition for the greatest trophy in sports. In an era of ever-advancing technology sports has become the ultimate question mark, making it intriguing year in and year out.

Soon NFL players will be wearing these to communicate with coaches.

Soon NFL players will be wearing these to communicate with coaches.

It makes me feel joyous to be alive in this time of sports achievment and look forward to see what my teams could be capable of.

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Week 1 Power Rankings!

32. St. Louis Rams…Picked up where they left off last season, just awful.

31. Oakland Raiders…McFadden did not have quite the breakout that A.P. had last year, they are far from good.

30. Cincinnati Bengals…This team not long ago was feared, now they may break out the grocery bags soon.

29. Miami Dolphins…The fins put up a good fight with the Jets, but came up short, not much talent here.

28. Detroit Lions…Lots of weapons on offense, but the defense was a sieve, can’t believe Millen is still in charge of this team.

27. Kansas City Chiefs…This team has some players on DEF, and put up a fight against the Brady-less Pats, but without a decent QB it will be a long season.

26.Houston Texans…I like the direction this team is going, and they are very young, but they were truly outmatched against the Steelers.

25. San Fransisco 49ers…This team is organized and was many a dark horse for prognosticators, but when you begin severing ties with the #1 over all pick from a few years ago, it has repercussions.

24. Seattle Seahawks…Looked horrible against the Bills and are decimated by injuries. Holmgren may have wanted to retire a year earlier.

23. Washington Redskins…Do not blame Jason Campbell for this one, he has skill and needs to settle into yet another offense.

22. Baltimore Ravens…I see their win as more of the Bengals being bad then they are good. This team should come back to earth this week.

21. Arizona Cardinals…Warner looked solid and it may spell the end for Leinart, but this team always finds a way to look average eventually.

20. Atlanta Falcons…This team can run the ball and it looks like Matt Ryan may be the real deal, but can they be consistent.

19. Chicago Bears…The Bears DEF looks to have returned and Orton may be just good enough to get them somewhere.

18. Carolina Panthers…This team shocked the Chargers and may only get better, but it is still early.

17. Tampa Bay Bucs…Once again the QB carousel spins and the Bucs are one of those teams that have no personality yet, but I won’t write them off this early.

16. NY Jets…They looked okay and Favre was Favre, but this is a team that was pieced together and that doesn’t always translate into wins, plus they struggled against Miami.

15. Cleveland Browns…The Browns looked putrid against the Cowboys at home and couldn’t seem to get the ball moving. They will still win more than they lose, but this team can’t seem to get over the hump and make people fear them.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars…The Jags are still a great team and have an almost “must win” game against Buffalo at home this week.

13. Buffalo Bills…The Bills along with the Steelers may have had the most thorough wins this past weekend, but the real test comes this week at JAX.

12. Tennessee Titans…Looked okay this week, but continuing drama with Vince Young could spell bad news for this team.

11.Minnesota Vikings…The Pack came to play against the Vikes and it showed, but this team will still make waves in the NFC.

10. Denver Broncos…Jay Cutler will evolve this year into a top tier QB and if they can find that every down back they could be dangerous again.

9. New York Giants…The defending Super Bowl champs looked good against the hapless Skins and sent a message of “Michael who?” and “Osi who”?.

8. New England Patriots…The Pats will still win games and most likely win the AFC East this year, but no Tom Brady hurts all the way around.

7. Indianapolis Colts…Manning and gang will get it together and score a thousand points this year, but they looked a little older and may show that the rest of the year.

6. Philadelphia Eagles…Donovan McNabb sent a message to the rest of the league that he could still sling it, and Philly fans like the fair weathereds they are will love him again.

5. San Diego Chargers…The Chargers dropped a heart breaker to the Panthers, but with Brady gone they still look like the class in the AFC.

4. Green Bay Packers…Aaron Rodgers won’t make people forget Favre, but Mon. night sure took the sting out of losing him.

3. New Orleans Saints…The Saints will lose a huge weapon in Colston for six weeks making it even more imperative that Shockey step up, Brees looked superb.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers…Big Ben didn’t have to throw it much and they still wiped the field with the Texans, they will make another push this year.

1. Dallas Cowboys…The Boys went into the “the Dogpound” and left after Euthanizing the Brown in their own building. This should be the year Romo finally give the Cowboys a playoff win for the first time in almost fifteen years.

I will normally be updating my power rankings on Tues. every week.

*The above post will stir*

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