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NBA preview

There are no elite dominant teams in the NBA right now.  With 7 teams in the Western Conference and 6 in the Eastern Conference with a legit chance at making the finals the parody in the NBA is the most its ever been.  Last years was the most enjoyable regular seasons in the NBA and this year SHOULD be just as good if not better.  On to the preview…


BOSTON CELTICS – Prediction 1st in Eastern Conference

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce will keep the teams intensity level high and their strive for greatness.  Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins and Leow Powe should all improve from last year.  Fantasy Player To Watch – the demise of Ray Allen

Key losses – James Posey and PJ Brown

Key Additions – Bill Walkers, JR Giddens and Patrick O’Bryant

PHILADELPHIA 76ers – 3rd in the East

Elton Brand is a consummate professional and will thrive in the Eastern Conference where he began his carear.  They will need to find an outside shooter to add to their rotation to compete in the playoffs.

Fantasy Player to Watch – Samuel Dalembert could be lesser version of Marcus Camby

Key losses – Rodney Carney and Calvin Booth

Key Additions – Marreese Speights, Elton Brand, Royal Ivey, and Kareem Rush

Toronto Raptors – 6th in the East

Jose Calderon has emerged as a great point guard.  If Jermaine O’neal can stay healthy and return to the level of play he is capable the Raptors could have one of the best low post combos with him and Chris Bosh.  Unfortunately they also have the worst starting wing players in the entire league.

Fantasy player to watch – Jose Calderon without splitting time with TJ Ford his numbers will go up.

Key losses – Primoz Brezac, Carlos Delfino, Maceo Baston, Rasho Nesterovic, and TJ Ford

Key Additions – Jermaine O’neal

New Jersey Nets – 12th in the East

REBUILDING YEAR…The Nets are preparing for a run at Lebron in 2 years.  If they can find a taker Vince Carter will be gone by the trade deadline.

Fantasy Player to watch – Devin Harris, Lawrence Frank will will get the best out of him.

Key Losses – Richard Jefferson, Desagana Diop, Nenad Krstic, Boston Nachbar, and Marcus Williams

Key Additions – Brook Lopez, Ryan Anderson, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Jarvis Hayes, Eddie Najera, Bobby Simmons, Yi Jianlian, and Keyon Dooling.

New York Knicks – 14th in the East

The roster is not the right type to run the D’antoni system.  Expect lots of losses and trades.

Fantasy Player to Watch – Jamal Crawford should fill up the stat sheet

Key Losses – Renaldo Balkman

Key Additions – Danilo Gallinari  and Chris Duhon


Cleveland Cavs – 2nd in the East

Any team with Lebron will be competitive.  Danny Ferry like Jim Paxon before him still hasnt put a good team around Lebron but Mo Williams should help carry some of the scoring load.

Fantasy Player to watch – Mo Williams will have the most open looks and lanes he ever had.

Key losses – Damon Jones and Joe Smith

Key Additions – JJ Hickson, Darnell Jackson and Mo Williams

Detroit Pistons – 5th in the east

The Pistons have dominated the Eastern Conference in recent years but that run is over.  Rasheed Wallace and Chauncey Billups are on the downside of their carears and the rest of the East is slowly getting better.

Fantasy Player to watch – Tayshaun Prince, does a little of everything

Key losses – Jarvis Hayes

Key Additions – Kwame Brown

Milwaukee Bucks – 8th in the East

Coach Scott Skiles will have the Bucks playing tough, but the 1st 2 months will be a little rough.  If they dont dig to big of a hole they will compete for a playoff spot.

Fantasy Player to Watch – Andrew Bogut, will improve on the double double he averaged last year.

Key Losses – Bobby Simmons, Yi Jianlian, Royal Ivey, and Mo Williams

Key Additions – Joe Alexander, Malik Allen, Tyronn Lue, Richard Jefferson, Luke Ridnour, Damon Jones, and Adrian Griffin.

Chicago Bulls – 11th in the East

2 players define how good this team will be, Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich.  Rookie Point Guards usually struggle and Hinrich had a bad year last year and is on the trading block.  If they can trade Hinrich for a legit low post scorer this team could make the playoffs.

Fantasy Player to watch – Luol Deng works hard and will fill the stat sheet.

Key losses – Chris Duhon

Key additions – Derrick Rose

Indiana Pacers – 15 in the East

The Pacers will score a lot of points and give up even more.  Larry Bird has several bad contracts to unload as he tries to rebuild the team.

Fantasy Player to Watch – Danny Granger will score a lot

Key losses – Ike Diogu, Jermaine O’neal, Shawne Williams and Kareem Rush

Key additions – TJ Ford, Roy Hibbert, Brandon Rush, Rasho Nesterovic, Jarret Jack, and Maceo Baston.


Orlando Magic – 4th in the East

Will benefit from weak division.  The Magic are hoping Mickael Pietrus lives up to his potential but he never did in Golden State.  Expect lots of up and downs for this team this year.

Fantasy Player to Watch – Hedo Turkoglu has no conscience

Key losses – Keyon Dooling, Carlos Arroyo, and Maurice Evans

Key additions – Courtney Lee, Mickael Pietrus, and Anthoney Johnson

Washington Wizards – 7th in the East

If Gilbert Arenas  can put his ego in check this team would be much better suited.  This should be Caron Butlers team now.

Fantasy Player to watch – Caron Butler will carry team while the other 2 stars recover from injury

Key Losses – Roger Mason

Key additions – JaVele McGee

Atlanta Hawks – 9th in the east

The Hawks have one of the best starting 5 in the entire NBA but also one of the worst benches.  If the front office turmoil ever gets settled this team could compete in the East, but that won’t be this year.

Fantasy Player to Watch – Al Horford is a man beast and isnt scared of anyone or anything

Key losses – Josh Childress

Key Additions – Maurice Evans

Miami Heat – 10th in the east

Unless Shaun Livingston is healthy they dont have a true Point Guard in their rotation.  Mix the lack of a point gurad with 2 selfish star forwards and a young 1st year coach and you would most likely have a team struggling to get to 10 wins.  Insert a healthy Dwayne Wade and you have a team that will compete for a playoff spot.

Fantasy Player to Watch – Shawn Marion, selfish player in a contract year.

Key losses – Ricky Davis and Jason Williams

Key additions – Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers, and James Jones

Charlotte Bobcats – 13th in the east

Larry Brown likes to be merciless on his team for the first 8 to 10 weeks then make a few trades and have a good 2nd half to the season and build on that for year 2.  If Adam Morrison survives the season and isnt traded that’d be the biggest suprise in the NBA this year.

Fantasy Player to Watch – Emeka Okafor  when he plays he gives great blocks and rebounds

Key losses – none

Key additions – DJ Augustin and Alexis Ajinca


New Orleans Hornets – 1st in the Western Conference

The experience this team gained last year plus the addition of James Posey should be enough to put the Hornets over the top.  Not a fan of Byron Scott but the leadership of CP3 and Posey should be enough to overcome the coachs ineptitude.

Fantasy player to watch – Tyson Chandler gives great blocks and rebounds and loves playing with CP3

Key losses – Chris Anderson

Key Additions – James Posey

Houston Rockets – 3rd in the West

The NBA has become a Point Guard league and that is the biggest weakness of the Rockets.  As long as Yao Ming, tracy Mcgrady and Ron Artest remain healthy this team will win a lot of games though.

Fantasy Player to watch – Tracy Mcgrady, enjoyed being THE MAN last year, can he share the role?

Key losses – Steve Novak

Key Additions – Ron Artest and Joey Dorsey

Dallas Mavericks – 5th in the West

Rick Carlisle is a defense minded coach but he studied Mike D’antonis system and blended it with his motion offense which should suit Jason Kidd perfectly.  This team has a lot of mental obstacles that if they  can get past them they could be trouble and a tough out in the playoffs.

Fantasy player to watch – Josh Howard, if he can he put the off the court issues aside could fill the stat sheet.

Key losses – Eddie Jones, Malik Allen, and Tyronn Lue

Key additions – Desagana Diop, Gerald Green, and James Singleton

San Antonio Spurs – 6th in the West

Until Manu Ginobli is healthy this team will struggle.  This team was old last year and did nothing to get younger.  Despite it all this team will be rolling come playoff time and be a tough out.

Fantasy Player to watch – Tony Parker, will carry the load till Manu is back

Key losses – Brent Barry

Key additions – Roger Mason

Memphis Grizzlies – 13th in the west

The Grizzlies are 2 or 3 years away and thats if they can keep Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo while building around them.  They should have a top 5 pick in next years draft.

Fantasy player to watch – Rudy Gay, someone has to score


Utah Jazz – 4th in the west

Slot this team for the 4th spot again.  Relatively the same roster with a few changes at the bottom.  Carlos Boozer is playing for a Huge contract and Deron Williams is the perfect point guard for Jerry Sloans team.

Fantasy Player to watch – carlos Boozer, Contract year

Key losses – Jason Hart

Key Additions – Brevin Knight and Kosta Koufos

Portland Trailblazers – 8th in the West

A lot of high expectations with Greg Oden and Rudy Fernandez being added to an already good roster.  Steve Blake would make a great back up point guard but he starts on this team.  Unless the Blazers make a trade for a legit starting point guard this team will be an easy out.

Fantasy Player to watch – Brandon Roy will only get better with more tools around him.

Key losses – Jarret Jack, and James Jones

Key Additions – Rudy Fernandez, Ike Diogu, Jerryd BaylessNicolas Batum, and Greg Oden

Denver Nuggets – 9th in the west

The worst defensive team in the league lost their best defensive player in a salary dump move.  Allen Iverson is in the last year of his contract and wants a championship badly, but it wont happen in Denver.

Fantasy Plater to Watch – Carmello Anthony, will score a lot

Key losses – Eddie Najera, and Marcus Camby

Key additions – Chris Anderson

Minnesota Timberwolves – 12th in the west

Kevin Mchale made his first good move as GM by trading OJ Mayo for Mike Miller and Kevin Love.  The T-Wolves are building a roster of hard working professionals.  Should be improved but will fall well short of the playoffs.

Fantasy Player to watch – Al Jefferson, Solid player

Oklahoma City Thunder – 14th in the west

Much like the T-Wolves this team is building for the future.  The Thunder will be tough at their new “home” but not so much on the road.  2 years from now look out.

Fantasy player to watch – Kevin Durant will have much better fg% this year

Key losses – Luke Ridnour, and Adrian Griffin

Key Additions – Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka, DJ White, and Desmond Mason


LA Lakers – 2nd in the west

The lakers flaws were exposed in the finals.  A healthy Andrew Bynum helps but wont solve them.  The lakers will compete for the best record in the regular season but will struggle in the playoffs.

Fantasy Player to watch – Lamar Odom will pout as his minutes and numbers are decreased.

Key losses – Ronny Turiaf

Key additions – Josh Powell

Phoenix Suns – 7th in the West

Terry Porter is a defensive minded coach inheriting 3 starters that are defensive liabilities.  Expect Steve Nash to do his best to soothe Amare Stoudemire and Shaquile O’neals egos.  The Suns have a solid rotation and should be a tough out in the playoffs.

Fantasy Player to watch – Amare Stoudemire , coach will put him in better position to improve blocks and rebounds

Key Losses – Brian Skinner

Key Additions – Robin Lopez, and Matt Barnes

Golden State Warriors – 10th in the west

Expect Don Nelson to mail this season in.  When Monta Ellis returns this team will be fun to watch and competitive unless the Warriors takes a lead from their coach and gives up before then.  With out Baron Davis keeping Stephen Jackson in line will he be a loose cannon again?

Fantasy Player to watach – Corey Maggette, cares more for stats then wins

Key Losses – Baron Davis, Matt Barnes, Patrick O’Bryant, and Mickael Pietrus

Key Additions – Anthony Randolph, Corey Maggette, Ronny Turiaf, and Marcus Williams

LA Clippers – 11th in the West

This is a very Interesting team.  If Eric Gordon and Al Thorton develop fast they could compete for a playoff spot.  Mike Dunleavy has won the power struggle with the front office but may have lost his team.

Fantasy Player to watch – Baron Davis if healthy

Key losses – Elton Brand, Corey Maggette, and Brevin Knight

Key additions – Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, Baron Davis, Marcus Camby, Jason Hart, Ricky Davis, Jason Williams, Brian Skinner, and Steve Novak.

Sacramento Kings – 15th in the west

By far the worst team in the league.  Even as loyal as Sacramento fans are this team will be difficult to watch.

Fantasy Player to watch – Kevin Martin, someone has to score

key losses – Anthony Johnson

Key additions – Jason Thompson


East finals Celtics over Cavs

West finals Hornets over Spurs

NBA Finals Hornets over Celtics


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There will be no football posts this week

Please check back on Mon. for our regular syndicated posts.

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Week 8 Pigskin Prognostications

Last Week: 10-4 Overall: 38-33

This week:

Tampa Bay @ Dallas

The Bucs role into Dallas this weekend ready to take on a Cowboys team that has not had the best of circumstances as of lately. Something tells us Brad Johnson has something to prove after last weeks debacle. Pick: Cowboys

Washington @ Detroit

The Redskins have to recognize this as a trap game considering already fell into one against the Rams. The Lions really want a win for pride’s sake, but we just don’t think it happens this week. Pick: Redskins

Buffalo @ Miami

The Bills are the last team in the league to begin their division schedule and Miami is a tough place to do it. The Dolphins are playing well, but we just don’t think they have enough for an efficient and momentum-filled Bills team. Pick: Bills

St. Louis @ New England

The Rams have been beating up on big teams since new coach Jim Haslett took over. The Patriots are coming off a big win against Denver and are trying to keep up with the Bills in the division. Pick: Patriots

San Diego @ New Orleans (In London)

This is a tough game to pick because there is no home field advantage. The Chargers are not clicking but neither are the Saints. Something tells me LT has a big game. Pick: Chargers

Kansas City @ NY Jets

The Chiefs are in disarray and the Jets need a big win badly. This could be the blowout game of the week. Pick: Jets

Atlanta @ Philadelphia

The Falcons are a team that is riding high behind their #1 overall pick Matt Ryan. Brian Westbrook should be back off of an injury and the team could not be more thrilled, but will it be enough? Pick: Falcons (Upset Special)

Oakland @ Baltimore

We are still not sold on this Baltimore team despite the fact that they play well at home. The Raiders have a tough defense and we don’t see how Flacco will be able to move the ball with consistency. Pick: Raiders

Arizona @ Carolina

The Cardinals are a home team wonder looking great in the desert and suspect when they travel. Nothing should change this week against a rolling Panthers team. Pick: Panthers

Cleveland @ Jacksonville

This is the story of a boxer that has the misfortune of having to fight the champ right after he lost a big bout. The Jaguars whole season has been played well with some disappointments and they look to beat up on the struggling Browns. Pick: Jaguars

Cincinnati @ Houston

Look for a big day from Steve Slaton and Matt Schaub as the Bengals are not going to get it going this week against a much improved Texans team. Pick: Texans

NY Giants @ Pittsburgh

In the game of the week the defending champs role into Pittsburgh and it looks to be a slugfest. While the Giants are still an elite team, we think that because of the magnitude of the game the Steelers will rise to the occasion. Pick: Steelers

Seattle @ San Francisco

Mike Singletary takes over the 49ers and gets to host a plagued Seahawks team. Holmgren must be licking his chops to get a victory over a first time coach and we see it happening. Pick: Seahawks

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

A tougher than it seems game to pick as the Titans boast an undefeated record, but Manning shines in these situations. In the spotlight on Monday night something in the back of our heads is sees a smiling Manning at the end of this one. Pick: Colts

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Week 7 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-6)…Multiple people are talking about how this could be the team the realistically goes winless. Yes, they are that bad.

31 (31). Cincinnati Bengals (0-7)…They have a one game worse record than the Lions because of bye weeks, but this team will win more than one game this year.

30 (29). Kansas City Chiefs (1-5)…L.J. may be declared inactive as he continues to bury himself in trouble. This team is going nowhere fast and should be thankful they already got their win.

29 (30). Seattle Seahawks (1-5)…The Seahawks may be this years injury bug team. They have players and talent, but will need to rebuild next year after Holmgren retires.

28 (23). Cleveland Browns (2-4)…Another team with internal turmoil, the Browns and head coach Romeo Crennel need to do something fast or it may be the heads of a lot of people in Cleveland.

27 (25). San Francisco 49ers (2-4)…The Niners made a coaching change this week and fired Mike Nolan while elevating Hall of Famer Mike Singletary to the helm. The results remain to be seen.

26 (27). Oakland Raiders (2-4)…The Raiders beat the Jets on a 57 yard field goal by kicker Sebastian Janikowski in overtime. Not bad for a team that a few weeks ago was in some major turmoil.

25 (22). Miami Dolphins (2-4)…The Dolphins had a good couple of weeks but it all came to an end. This team is feisty but just not that good. As soon as people start figuring out the “Wildcat” it could be a long year the rest of the way.

24 (26). Baltimore Ravens (3-3)…The Ravens get QB Troy Smith back this week ad a QB controversy as well. Some players believe that they need to give Smith a chance and let the rookie develop, while the coaching staff has already declared Flacco the starter for the year. Keep an eye on this situation.

23 (28). St. Louis Rams (2-4)…what a job Jim Haslett has done since taking over the head coaching job. In consecutive weeks the Rams have beat the Redskins and Cowboys, making the once mighty NFC East is now looking very human.

22 (19). NY Jets (3-3)…The Jets lost to the Raiders this week, and slowly see their chances in the AFC East slipping away. Can Favre bring the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS back?

21 (24). Houston Texans (2-4)…This is a team with a lot of talent but not a lot of experience. Matt Schaub is proving to be a wise investment and the future looks bright.

20 (21). Minnesota Vikings (3-4)…The only team to benefit in the rankings from a lot of worse teams, the Vikings are not as good as advertised in the preseason.

19 (14). New Orleans Saints (3-4)…The Saints are another injury plagued team and are better than they are playing right now. Brees had his first off day and it cost them. They should bounce back and be in the thick of it by the end.

18 (13). Denver Broncos (4-3)…Since going 3-0 to start the season the Broncos have since dropped three of their last four. This team has a terrible defense and teams that double Marshall leave Cutler with not a lot of options.

17 (7). Dallas Cowboys (4-3)…Our slide of the week is the Dallas Cowboys who have now lost three of their last four and have many doubting their chances. Romo is not coming back this week and the Cowboys looked abysmal against the Rams.

16 (18). Green Bay Packers (4-3)…The Packers got a much needed win this week against the Seahawks and now look to return to early season form.

15 (20). New England Patriots (4-2)…The Pats looked dominant against the Broncos and Matt Cassel may be earning some fans. Look for them to keep up the pace with the Bills.

14 (16). Atlanta Falcons (4-2)…The Falcons are a surprising team this year and look to keep people off guard with their ground and air game.

13 (11) San Diego Chargers (3-4)…The Chargers can’t seem to get on track and were handled by the Buffalo Bills this weekend. Now they travel across the pond to London in a somewhat must-win game for the Bolts.

12 (17). Chicago Bears (4-3)…The Bears are a different team with Orton calling the signals and if the defense can stay healthy they could be a team to reckon with.

11 (12). Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)…Westbrook says he is healthy and despite Buckhalter’s stellar play, they need Brian in top form to make a run.

10 (15). Arizona Cardinals (4-2)…The Cardinals have an amazing offense with tons of weapons. If Warner can limit his turnovers and stay healthy the Cards just might see the postseason this year.

9 (3). Indianapolis Colts (3-3)…The Colts just seem old. Manning an Co. may have seen their playoff run come to an end this year.

8 (9). Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)…The Jags have only lost to other good teams and look to get it rolling this week against the Browns. Can Garrard muster enough of an aerial game to keep up with the Titans.

7 (10). Washington Redskins (5-2)…The Redskins regrouped after a devastating loss to the Rams. Campbell seems to have what it takes.

6 (8). Carolina Panthers (5-2)…The Panthers are a quiet two loss team that has what it takes on both sides of the ball. Big test this week against the offense of the Cardinals.

5 (6). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2)…The Bucs will play the reeling Cowboys this week and they hope to put the nail in the coffin of Big D.

4 (5). Buffalo Bills (5-1)…The Bills had another convincing win against the Chargers this week and seem to be the class of the AFC East. With thre division games approaching the real test is about to come.

3 (4). Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1)…The Steelers are solid and look to get Willie Parker back this week. Big Ben has these guys playing well and Hines Ward keeps hitting big setting the tone for the team.

2 (2). NY Giants (5-1)…The Giants are still the class of the NFC East and it is gonna take a strong push from the other teams to dethrone them.

1 (1). Tennessee Titans (6-0)…I cannot comment enough about the job Jeff Fisher has done with the Titans this year. Kerry Collins has these guys winning and a true beast in the AFC.

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Week 7: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

The Tennessee Titans have quietly become the elite team in the NFL. With consistent offense, dominating defense and great special teams, they have compiled a perfect 6-0 record. Earlier this year when Vince Young had a psychotic meltdown, many pundits wrote these guys off and considered whether or not Fisher had what it takes to get these guys back on track or was a change necessary. Well Fisher relied on Kerry Collins (who recently slipped into 14th on the all time pass yardage list) and a raucous DEF to stem the tide and low and behold no one jumped ship and the team is riding high. The Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers and NY Giants all have one loss and at this moment all look playoff bound. Is this the end all, probably not as anything can happen (just ask the Dolphins who when 7-1 a few years back and missed the playoffs).

Vince Young displays his off season training routine.

Vince Young displays his off season training routine.

The Bad

I am not sure what has happened with the tight ends in the league, but recently they have become quite disruptive, to the point that they are giving receivers a good name. Last year Jeremy Shockey ran his mouth to the point where he was run out of town, but not before he was shut up by the fact that the Giants won the Super Bowl without him. This year Tony Gonzalez asked to be traded to a contender and when the Falcons and Bills stepped up, he blocked the trade and then promptly started complaining about how the Chiefs let him down and how disappointed he was. Gonzalez has no one but himself to blame for being stuck in K.C. and we hope he drowns their before winning a title. Now Kellen Winslow Jr., who isn’t new to embarrassing himself, has come out of the closet locker room and spilled to the media about what is “undisclosed” illness was. The Browns seem to have a problem with Staph Infections, but an even bigger problem with Winslow’s mouth.

The Ugly

Oh how Mr. Favre has unendeared himself to the people in Wisconsin. Reports are that Brett Favre had a conversation prior to the Detroit’s game against Green Bay this weekend, where he coached the Lions to all the subtle and not-so subtle nuances in the Packer’s offense. While it has been determined that no rule was broken, how could Favre do so much in so little time to make the people in a town where he was a God, feel more like he is donning some horns and a pitchfork tail? Favre has always been one of our favorite players and we respect his game, but as a person we are slowly wondering what his true motives are…and the good of the game of football seems to be far from the top of his list.

Coach Marinelli stands waiting for Brett to call back during the game.

Coach Marinelli stands waiting for Brett to call back during the game.

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Week 7 Pigskin Prognosticatons

Last Week: 8-6 Overall: 28-29

This week:

San Diego @ Buffalo

The Chargers are coming off a desperate win against the Pats and now have to travel half way across the world to Buffalo before going to London next week. The Bills are a little healthier and hopefully a little wiser after their bye week. Pick: Bills

Minnesota @ Chicago

The Bears are coming off a disappointing loss to the Falcons while the Vikings barely got by the hapless Lions. Look for a change in fortunes for both teams. Pick: Bears

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

The Steelers got bad news this week when Willie Parker re injured his knee. The Bengals have been a pool of bad news all season. Mewelde Moore is good enough to keep the ground game going. Pick: Steelers

Tennessee @ Kansas City

As if the season wasn’t bad enough Larry Johnson was suspended this week for bad conduct. The Titans are undefeated and nothing should change this week. Pick: Titans

Dallas @ St. Louis

The Cowboys are a walking infirmary and no one knows (thanks to Favre) if Romo will play. The Rams came off an emotional win against the Redskins, but the excitement ends this week. Pick: Cowboys

Baltimore @ Miami

The Ravens are a team that has promise under rookie QB Joe Flacco, but this year is not the time. The Dolphins are looking better and better each week and are coming off a heartbreaking loss to the Texans as the final secons ticked off the clock. Pick: Dolphins

San Francisco @ NY Giants

The Niners looked out matched last week against the Eagles and now have to face the Giants juggernaut after an embarrassing loss. Pick: Giants

New Orleans @ Carolina

The Saints and Carolina may be the game of the week and a tough one to predict. I think the home field plus the Saints not quite back to full strength sways this one in favor of the Panthers. Pick: Panthers

Detroit @ Houston

Detroit might have had their shot last week against the Vikes and now have to go to Houston to face the energized Matt Schaub and the Texans. Pick: Texans

NY Jets @ Oakland

The Jets and Favre have played extremely well at home this season and somewhat shaky on the road, while Oakland seems to have come up short in more than a couple of games. Pick: Raiders

Indianapolis @ Green Bay

Two teams that are moving in opposite directions. The Pack started strong and are now faltering while the Colts, despite a flux of injures have managed to regroup. Nothing changes this week. Pick: Colts

Cleveland @ Washington

The Browns are hoping they figured it out against the Giants last week on Mon. night while the Redskins lost to quite possibly the worst team in football. Weird thing is I think both happenings will further influence the teams in those directions. Pick: Browns (upset special)

Seattle @ Tampa Bay

We see the Seahawks in for another blowout loss on the road 3,000 miles away. Pick: Bucanneers

Denver @ New England

Denver has been this years “all offense no defense” team, while New England is not even a shade of its old self. Teams get up on Mon. nights and we think the Pats have enough at home on primetime to pull it out.  Pick: Patriots

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Week 6 Power Rankings

32 (31). Detroit Lions (0-5)…Detroit packed it in this week trading WR Roy Williams and Shelving Kitna for the season. They will probably remain in this spot the rest of the season.

31 (29). Cincinnati Bengals (0-6)…The Bengals can not win a game despite some talent on the roster. Chad Johnson has been quiet and Palmer is “wink wink” injured. Marvin Lewis has to do something to keep his job.

30 (26). Seattle Seahawks (1-4)…The Hawks just have nothing on offense and Hasselback’s back is getting worse. Holmgren is a noble person to not resign and attempt to right this ship.

29 (28). Kansas City Chiefs (1-4)…By not trading Gonzalez, the Chiefs have upset him and held on to aging stars with high salaries. This is why they are so bad right now…terrible management.

28 (32). St. Louis Rams (1-4)…The Rams made interim coach Jim Haslett 1-0 in his first start. Can anyone smell the greatest turnaround in history? Me neither.

27 (27). Oakland Raiders (1-4)…I have nothing.

26 (22). Baltimore Ravens (2-3)…The Ravens were blown out by the Colts and QB Flacco looked every bit the rookie he is. Baltimore is an over hyped team that is getting older and younger at the same time.

25 (24). San Francisco 49ers (2-3)…The Niners have had a lot of points scored against them this year. They were supposed to have a better defense. At least O’Sullivan has been a healthy surprise.

24 (30). Houston Texans (1-4)…The Texans come from behind victory against the Dolphins may be the springboard they needed to start winning. I think the Hurricane at the beginning of the season threw them off their game and with a lot of talent they will continue to win games.

23 (25). Cleveland Browns (2-3)…Looked great on Mon. night against the defending champs. Now if only they can play that way on the road or early Sun.

22 (18). Miami Dolphins (2-3)…The Dolphins lost in most disappointing fashion and now look to regroup against an overachieving Ravens team. Coach Sparano (i.e. Parcells) has them in the right direction.

21 (23). Minnesota Vikings (3-3)…The Vikes had to come from behind in the closing seconds to beat the lowly Lions. This team may be the biggest disappointment of all this season.

20 (14). New England Patriots (3-2)…The Pats looked thoroughly outmatched and may have given up on the season…well at least Randy Moss has.

19 (19). NY Jets (3-2)…The Jets beat the struggling Bengals, so I am not giving them anything. Lets see Favre and Co. beat some divisional foes.

18 (21). Green Bay Packers (3-3)…The Pack came out and beat the Seahawks and gave themselves a little confidence booster after three straight losses. Lets see if Rodgers can keep the them afloat.

17 (12). Chicago Bears (3-3)…The Bears are this years Jekyll and Hyde team as they seem to beat the teams they should lose to and lose the ones they should win. If it straightens out they could be a team to fear down the road.

16 (21). Atlanta Falcons (4-2)…Matt Ryan looks like every bit the #1 overall he was projected as. He has led this team to a winning record and a shot in one of the toughest divisions in all of football.

15 (17). Arizona Cardinals (4-2)…The Cardinals have a scary offense and are winning games. Can they continue on the road and the east coast?

14 (15). New Orleans Saints (3-3)…The Saints have stemmed  the tide and now look to get back Colston and Shockey…Look out!

13 (7). Denver Broncos (4-2)…The Broncos are thriving on playing in a week division. This team can score a lot, but the problem is they also get scored on a lot.

12 (13). Philadelphia Eagles (3-3)…The Eagles consistency is their biggest problem. They have the weapons and Desean Jackson is a play maker. Can Westbrook stay healthy and carry the load?

11 (16). San Diego Charger (3-3)…The Chargers took it to the Pats and are looking more an more like the team we expected. All they need is a fully healed LT and off they go.

10 (3). Washington Redskins (4-2)…The Redskins got caught looking forward and lost to possibly the worst team in football. Will most likely get back on track this week.

9 (11). Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3)…Possibly the most unfortunate team through he first six weeks, the Jags are looking good and still are on track for the playoffs.

8 (8). Carolina Panthers (4-2)…The Panthers are entitled the occasional let down and this team is better than they showed this past weekend.

7 (5). Dallas Cowboys (4-2)…The Cowboys are a walking infirmary and may have pulled off a few moves to tem the sinking tide. Picking up Williams was a good move and hopefully will open things up for Owens and give Brad Johnson another weapon.

6 (10). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2)…The Bucs look strong and Griese has given them some stability at QB. Not sure how they are doing it, but they are sitting atop the NFC south and things are looking good.

5 (9). Buffalo Bills (4-1)…The Bills really needed a bye after an embarrassing loss to the Cardinals. Now can they regroup against a resurrgent Chargers team?

4 (4). Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1)…The Steelers are a team that needs Willie Parker back. While Moore did a good job of filling in, Parker may be the key to their offense that seems somewhat lifeless right now.

3 (6). Indianapolis Colts (3-2)…I know I am high on the Colts, but you can not deny what Peyton Manning brings to a team. I still think this team wins their division.

2 (1). NY Giants (4-1)…The Giants loss on Mon. night is a typical case of the home team being super stoked and the road team having an off night. Look for the Giants to continue winning and possibly (with all their injuries) beat out the Cowboys and Redskins for the division title.

1 (2). Tennessee Titans (5-0)…The Titans are the lone unbeaten team and are riding high despite some early season distractions. It is really a testament to Jeff Fisher that this team has succeeded when others would have crumbled under similar circumstances.

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Week 6: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

It looks as though we have one undefeated team left. The Tennessee Titans spent this week on bye and have made themselves the team to beat after the Giants loss last night. The Atlanta Falcons achieved a last second victory over the and were one of four underdog wins in the final seconds of their respective games. Matt Ryan passed for over 300 yards again and has established quite the re pour with receiver Roddy White. The Houston Texans and St. Louis Rams also had last second victories, leaving only the Detroit Lions as the sole win less team left.

The Bad

The NFC has been considered the class division in the NFL since the beginning of the season. This week three of the four teams suffered crushing defeat while the one team thought to be out of it earned a much needed blowout victory over the 49ers. The Cowboys lost to the surprisingly resurgent Cardinals, the Giants lost to the home team on primetime, but most disturbing was the loss at home to the abysmal Rams by the Redskins. In one weekend this division was turned on its head as the Cowboys lost their QB and no one knows what to make of the performance of Eli Manning or the entire Redskins Team. Lastly the Lions….’nuff said!

Clinton Portis uses a disguise after losing to the Rams.

Clinton Portis uses a disguise after losing to the Rams.

The Ugly

The New England Patriots looked thoroughly over matched this week against the Chargers. Matt Cassel still looks like a rookie, the running game is non-existant and worst of all it seems as though Randy Moss has quit. My sense tells me when Brady went down this team called it a season and is just looking to get out of this year with some sort of dignity. Problem is chaos creates a lack of dignity especially hen Belichik is your coach. My guess is the Patriots may finish last in the AFC East and create a whirlwind of commotion that will result in overly high expectations for the Pats going into next year.

If the Patriots keep losing it the fans might make it a massacre all over again.

If the Patriots keep losing it the fans might make it a massacre all over again.

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Week 6: Pigskin Prognostications


Last Week: 6-8 Overall: 20-23

This week:

Oakland @ New Orleans

Oakland comes off of a bye week with a new coach but the same old owner. The Saints are in a sort of must win situation at home after losing at home to the Vikes last week. Pick: Saints.

Baltimore @ Indianapolis

The Colts have look very un-Colt like the last few weeks, but Manning is starting to pick it up and Joe Flacco is to green to get this win on the road. Pick: Colts

Chicago @ Atlanta

Matt Ryan has these guys believing they can win. After a strong showing at Lambeau field, the Falcons will see the Bears come to town, but this team is young enough to believe.. Pick: Falcons.

Detroit @ Minnesota

Not the week for Detroit to pick up their first win. Gus Frerotte is looking competent for Brad Childress and may just bring the Vikes back into it. Pick: Vikings.

Cincinnati @ NY Jets

The Bengals have been close this year and still have a lot of talent. The Jets are coming off a bye week after Favre threw six TDs against the Cardinals. Upset special this week. Pick: Bengals.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

Carolina has looked super strong so far with a balanced attack. The Bucs have squeezed out some wins and looked pretty good as well. This will be a great game in Tampa. Pick: Carolina

St. Louis @ Washington

This game should result in another blowout loss for the Rams. But they are coming off a bye week and are tired of being embarrassed. Pick: Redskins

Miami @ Houston

The Dolphins have been riding high as of late beating some really great teams. Houston is a team that may be on the verge of making people take notice. Pick: Texans.

Jacksonville @ Denver

The Jaguars have had a few disappointing losses this year mostly because Garrard can’t seem to throw the much needed TD pass. The Broncos have a lights out offense and the exact opposite on defense. I have a feeling The Broncos will score enough. Pick: Broncos.

Dallas @ Arizona

The Cowboys need to get TO the ball…so he says. We think they need to get Barber the ball more and pound the AZ defense. The Cardinals coming off a huge win against an undefeated Bills team will probably have a let down week against the Boys. Pick: Cowboys.

Philadelphia @ San Francisco

The Eagles may be the team on the outs in the toughest division in football. The 49ers are a young potentially loaded team, but the Eagles are desperate. Pick: Eagles.

Green Bay @ Seattle

Green Bay is coming off a huge loss at home to the Falcons and are in a must win situation. Rodgers is slowly slipping in popularity from his first two games. Holmgren is still wishing he had retired this year as receivers continue to drop like flies. Pick: Packers.

New England @ San Diego

The Patriots are still winning and Matt Cassel may be gaining some confidence. The Chargers need to win despite LT’s ailing toe. Pick: Chargers.

NY Giants @ Cleveland

Cleveland may put up a fight at home in prime time, but the Giants have just too much offense and will pull away early. Pick: Giants.

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Week 5 Power Rankings

32 (32). St. Louis Rams (0-4)…Nice to come back from a bye week, realize you are the new head coach of the worst team in football and now you have to go to Washington. Good luck Jim Haslett.

31 (31). Detroit Lions (0-4)…The Lions were losing with Matt Millen as their GM. He gets fired. Lions are still losing.

30 (30). Houston Texans (0-4)…They blew a huge lead late to the Colts and Rosenfels is the goat. This week the get Schaub back and no get to play the resurgent Dolphins.

29 (29). Cincinnati Bengals (0-5)…After looking good against the Giants, they looked horrible against the Cowboys. Chad Johnson talked a lot and didn’t deliver. I smell “lost a step”.

28 (19). Kansas City Chiefs (1-4)…Forgot about them in last week’s power rankings. As bad as they looked this week, how could I forget them again?

27 (28). Oakland Raiders (1-3)…Move up a spot because the Chiefs looked so bad and cause I forgot to place them low last week.

26 (25). Seattle Seahawks (1-3)…This team just can’t get healthy. After Deion Branch returns he also leaves just as fast. Long retirement year for Holmgren.

25 (26). Cleveland Browns (1-3)…The Browns needed a bye week to regroup. Now they get Eli and Co. to deal with. It might get worse before it gets better.

24 (22). San Francisco 49ers (2-3)…The 49ers tried to keep up with the Pats but proved that even without Brady they still have a long way to go.

23 (27). Minnesota Vikings (2-3)…The Vikes left New Orleans with the Saints scratching their heads. Frerotte made everyone understand his being in the starting lineup, but Peterson was non-existent. Sophomore slump?

22 (16). Baltimore Ravens (2-2)…The Ravens have not beaten anyone of significance and despite losing by a field goal two weeks in a row, their offense is anemic under Flacco.

21 (14). Green Bay Packers (2-3)…The Packers have slammed back to earth after starting 2-0. Aaron Rodgers is beginning to hear grumbling.

20 (24). Atlanta Falcons (3-2)…Matt Ryan looks to be the real deal. They went into Green Bay and shocked the Packers. Roddy White looks great and they will want to keep it going against the Bears.

19 (20). NY Jets (2-2)…They are coming off a bye week in which they probably spent a lot of time on practicing defense. Lets hope they learned something against the Bengals.

18 (23). Miami Dolphins (2-2)…Second shocker in a row for Parcells’ gang. Beating they two teams in the AFC title game in consecutive games will make people notice.

17 (21). Arizona Cardinals (3-2)…The Cardinals lit up the Bills both literally and figuratively. Lets see some consistency on the road before we anoint this team.

16 (8). San Diego Chargers (2-3)…The Chargers can’t seem to get it going. LT keeps re aggravating the toe and the lucky breaks are falling in the other direction.

15 (15). New Orleans Saints (2-3)…Brees and Bush seem to be carrying this team. Problem is no inside runner and not a lot of defense make it tough to win even at home on Mon. night.

14 (18). New England Patrots (3-1)…Cassel may have won over a few people this week, but it won’t be an easy ride for the Pats in a new and improved AFC East.

13 (9). Philadelphia Eagles (2-3)…The Eagles are looking like they may be the team on the outside looking in come playoff time.

12 (17). Chicago Bears (3-2)…Kyle Orton has been good and the defense has been great, but can they sustain it over the long haul?

11 (12). Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3)…How do they move up? Losing by a combines sixteen points against three good teams means you are still playing some good football.

10 (13). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)…The Bucs may have to make another QB change due to injury. No worries its John Gruden’s specialty.

9 (3). Buffalo Bills (4-1)…They had everything go wrong that could. Now entering a bye week they need to come back and play some ball again.

8 (11). Carolina Panthers (4-1)…Took it to the hapless Seahawks. Looked great on all sides of the ball, this team is tough.

7 (10). Denver Broncos (4-1)…Their offense may be the best in the league, problem is their defense may be the worst.

6 (7). Indianapolis Colts (2-2)…The Colts saved their season against the win less Texans. They are winning the hard way, which makes you wonder when (or if) they will explode this season.

5 (6). Dallas Cowboys (4-1)…Took out their frustrating loss on the Bengals. T.O. is playing like T.O. but they are still winning.

4 (5). Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1)…Are doing what it takes to get the wins. Injuries are taking their toll. Can they hang on and keep the pieces together?

3 (4). Washington Redskins (4-1)…Have won on the road in consecutive weeks against divisional foes. This team may surprise people and be the true beast in the east.

2 (2). Tennessee Titans  (5-0)…Have won the old fashioned way…with ball control and defense. The division is theirs to lose.

1 (1). NY Giants (4-0)…This team still looks better than last years team and have demolished everyone. They will remain on top until someone dethrones them.

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