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Week 12 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-11)…What can you say? They had an opportunity being up by 17 to start the game and blew it again. Its starting to smell like the record books.

31 (30). Kansas City Chiefs (1-10)…Tyler Thigpen had his worst game and it spelled the worst lose ever for the Chiefs.

30 (29). St. Louis Rams (2-9)…The Rams had a two game winning streak against the NFC East. Now they are back to being bad…really bad.

29 (28). Cincinnati Bengals (1-9-1)…The 49ers were not a very good team coming into this game and the Rams made them look like contenders.

28 (27). Seattle Seahawks (2-9)…We get the feeling that this team has kinda quit. They almost beat the Redskins, but they really should have.

27 (31). Oakland Raiders (3-8)…Jamarcus only threw 11 passes and they scored 31. If only they could do that every week they would have clinched a playoff spot already.

26 (26). San Francisco 49ers (3-8)…Coach Singletary got his first win against the hapless Rams last week and now they are back to losing.

25 (22) Cleveland Browns (4-7)…After beating the Bills on Mon. night they promptly went back to the good old Browns.

24 (24). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-7)…What a disappointing season for the Jags. We like Del Rio, but have a feeling some changes are coming.

23 (25). Houston Texans (4-7)…When Schaub went down so did their season. They are moving in the right direction and will come out firing next year.

22 (13). Philadelphia Eagles (5-5-1)…The wheels are coming off the bus faster than fans could beat up Santa Claus this year. It will be the end of an Era in Philly.

21 (16). Denver Broncos (6-5)…What a painful loss for Broncos fans, but even worse you have to think that Shanahan is eating crow this week.

20 (21). San Diego Chargers (4-7)…We still think the Chargers are a better team than they are showing. especially when you consider how many games they have lost in the closing seconds.

19 (18). Green Bay Packers (5-6)…Had a chance to stay atop the division but the defense and the running game failed to show up again.

18 (23). Buffalo Bills (6-5)…They finally got back on the winning track and leave it to K.C. to build their confidence.

17 (20). Chicago Bears (6-5)…They can win their division on their own and they have to hope to get consistent offense every week.

16 (19). Minnesota Vikings (6-5)…The Vikes looked good this week and brought out the defense we all remember and love. Can they keep it up?.

15 (14). Washington Redskin (7-4)…They looked very average against a weak Seahawks team. It is always tough to cross country but do they still have that killer attitude?

14 (9). Miami Dolphins (6-5)…We still think this team with their schedule could make the playoffs, but their melt down was not a pretty sight.

13 (17). New Orleans Saints (6-5)…We just think they have a phenomenal offense and with Bush coming back they could be dangerous if they win the division.

12 (15). Baltimore Ravens (7-4)…This team dismantled the Eagles and look to keep their wild card hopes alive this week against the lowly Bengals.

11 (12). Dallas Cowboys (7-4)…They look good again and T.O. got his wish, but they fail to move up because everyone else is still running strong.

10 (5). Arizona Cardinals (7-4)…Even though they played a good game against the Giants, it is hard to imagine them traveling east in the cold and beating some of the better teams in the league.

9 (11). Atlanta Falcons (7-4)…What a turn around Matt Ryan has made. Will their youth be a problem along the way?

8 (10). New England Patriots (7-4)…The Pats have discovered another gem in Cassell, but some say he is just a product of the system…what does that make Brady?

7 (3). Carolina Panthers (8-3)…They looked over matched against the Falcons, but they are still ahead of them because I feel the same scenario would play out in their favor at home.

6 (7). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-3)…Quietly atop a tough division and their defense could be a strong plus once the playoffs role around.

5 (6). Indianapolis Colts (7-4)…The Colts are continuing to improve and look to be a dangerous team come playoff time.

4 (1). Tennessee Titans (10-1)…This is the where they fall because honestly we think the Steelers and Jets are better teams.

3 (4). Pittsburgh Steelers (8-3)…Tough tough defense, combined with an experienced offense built by leaders and you get a bonafide contender.

2 (8). NY Jets (8-3)…Right now I am not sure if anyone could beat them. Kris Jenkins has been so big that he is getting MVP consideration.

1 (2). NY Giants (10-1)…An all NY top two gives an excellent chance for a subway Super Bowl!!


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