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Not sure why I still enjoy pro wrestling

Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed the drama that unfolds inside the “squared-circle”. Wrestling is to guys what “Days of our lives” or General Hospital” is to women. For myself I believe it is a link to my past…a more innocent time. When I began watching hulking steroid filled men throw each other around the ring in an almost poetic charade, I believed in it. It was something to root for, something where good defeated evil (despite the racial or sexual innuendo involved). It was an excitedly anticipated ride that even as times past and the reality of the true nature of wresting came to my mind, I was able to block it out and still enjoy the entertainment value involved.

Well I am tired of making excuses or lying about it. For those that mock or call it childish, I challenge you to find something that you enjoy in your life that isn’t childish or somewhat “make-believe”. Until then I will continue to enjoy the athletic and comedic nature of the wrestling business. From this day forward I am out of the “wrasslin'” closet and am a proud watcher of the most entertaining dramacomedyaction show on television.

Just don’t tell anybody!

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There is no entitlement for professional athletes

As profesional athlete salaries get ridiculously higher and more and more players keep trying to outdo their counterparts, I keep hearing analysts and former players compare what owners make in relationship to the players.

This makes no sense!

It makes no sense because in the non-sporting world in any company or corporation the owner is the OWNER. If you are smart enough or well-drivin and you build a successful business, you alone benefit the most and reap the rewards. Why is football or basketball so much different? The owners of the teams finance the teams, the game and sometimes the arena or stadium, so why should they not make the most money? I understand that the players put the bodies in the seats, but employees make the company work as well. In the corporate world if you perform you can move up and get paid more, and if you fail to perform you get fired or demoted. The same should work in sports, when a player performs he gets paid and when he does not the owner has a right to fire him.

Too many times i am hearing how “players need new contracts”, and “guarantees are good for the game” (actually I like one year guarantees). What is good for sports is athletes that understand it is a privelage to make millions playing the game they love.

I am disgusted with players like Manny Ramirez (who I was a huge fan of) who tank it in order to pine for a huge deal in the off season at the advice of their greedy, self-serving, money grubbing agents. I loathe Joshua Cribbs, who is a Special Teamer…a frigging keick returner who just signed a six year deal to return kicks and one year later (after the cleary superior) Devin Hester signs a bigger deal so Cribbs is holding out with FIVE years left on his deal.

I wish owners would take a stand and just tell these guys to sit and shut up. Would it not be great to see Cribbs waste five of his years holding out? I would love to see Kobe Bryant or Lebron James leave the NBA for a European contract that can not clearly be matched. It would send a clear message that today’s athletes are all about them money and owners and fans alike would realize that our loyalties are to the teams not the players.

I am a reasonable person and am all for players making the most they can because they can not play forever and insurance against injuries is important. I see all pro athletes like Jason Peters of the Bills holdimng out in the final year of his deal because he has clearly outplayed his current deal.

My main concern is to see players lose the sense of entitlement and realize and appreciate the gift that has been given to them. Maybe then sports will return to a more innocent age and the legends of yesterday will be ressurected…although I am not holding my breathe.

*The above post will stir*

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