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Week 12: The Good, The Lions and the Ugly

The Good We believe this was the week that the city of East Rutherford, New Jersey separated itself from the rest of the NFL. The Giants in the NFC and the Jets in the AFC have ascended to the leagues elite and coincidentally play in the same stadium. What Favre has done with the Jets was unexpected even for #4. He took a team that has been owned by some of the better teams in the league and built a healthy confidence that has them beating the elite of the league. On the defensive side, you could argue right now that DT Kris Jenkins is the defensive MVP of the league to this point. Bot these teams are going to be something to reckon with (especially the Giants who I do not see losing again the rest of the year).

The only true NY football team!

The only true NY football team!

The Lions The guys up in Detroit were severely teased this weak when the Lions went up 17-0 on the Bucs, only to blow the lead and proceed to get blown out the rest of the way. This is a very bad team and the more everyone says that they will win a game by the end of the year the more I believe they won’t.

In an effort to promote a winning program the Lions have made these Cowboys there preaseason Game 1 opponents.

In an effort to promote a winning program the Lions have made these Cowboys there preaseason Game 1 opponents.

The Ugly The situation in Philly is getting to a point where we believe it may spell the end of a decade long era in The City of Brotherly Abuse. Andy Reid and Donovn McNabb have had numerous winning seasons, three straight NFC championship births and a Super Bowl appearance, but in the “what-have-you-done-lately” NFL it is all for naught when you start losing. Losing is actually one thing, but the Eagles are self destructing and making a mockery of the organization. After the rule not heard round the world last week, they did not even bother to show up this week and McNabb was subsequently benched in the middle of the game for the even more inept Kevin Kolb. Mcnabb will most likely be leading another team next year, but we think Reid will be out of football for a few years after this disaster. Its too bad because they both have done a lot for football.

This Eagle has a better chance at starting at QB next year.

This Eagle has a better chance at starting at QB next year.


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Week 12 Pigskin Prognostications

Last Week: 9-6 Overall: 61-52

This week:

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

. Pick: Steelers

Tampa Bay @ Detroit

. Pick: Detroit (Upset Special)

NY Jets @ Tennessee

. Pick: Titans

Buffalo @ Kansas City

. Pick: Bills

Chicago @ St. Louis

. Pick: Bears

New England @ Miami

. Pick: Patriots

Minnesota @ Jacksonville

. Pick: Vikings

Philadelphia @ Baltimore

. Pick: Eagles

Houston @ Cleveland

. Pick: Browns

San Francisco @ Dallas

. Pick: Dallas

Oakland @ Denver

. Pick: Broncos

Washington @ Seattle

. Pick: Redskins

NY Giants @ Arizona

. Pick: Giants

Carolina @ Atlanta

. Pick: Falcons

Indianapolis @ San Diego

. Pick: Colts

Green Bay @ New Orleans

. Pick: Packers

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Week 11 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-10)…They are getting closer to a win, but the schedule really doesn’t help them.

31 (31). Oakland Raiders (2-8)…Not a lot going for this team as Russell is making some worried that he might not be the guy.

30 (30). Kansas City Chiefs (1-9)…We thought they may upset the Saints and they made a game of it for a while, but Brees and Co. were a little too much.

29 (29). St. Louis Rams (2-8)…The 49ers were not a very good team coming into this game and the Rams made them look like contenders.

28 (28). Cincinnati Bengals (1-8-1)…A tie just looks stupid in the standings, but it may have been a win for the Bengals.

27 (27). Seattle Seahawks (2-8)…Matt Hasselback’s rant may have been out of frustration, but can you blame him?

26 (26). San Francisco 49ers (3-7)…They got a much needed victory…Singletary’s first…but this team still is not very good.

25 (24) Houston Texans (3-7)…There may be a few teams that rely on their QB more…but not many.

24 (21). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6)…The Jags had some high expectations coming into the year and may be the most disappointing team to date.

23 (17) Buffalo Bills (5-5)This team started off smoking and has since been extinguished. Four losses in a row has just about ended their hopes for postseason play.

22 (25). Cleveland Browns (4-6)…Quinn got his first win as a pro and now the Browns fans will expect it to be improved upon. don’t forget he is basically a rookie.

21 (18). San Diego Chargers (4-6)…The Chargers played tough this week at Pittsburgh and came up just short. It may be a long off season for Bolts fans, but they should bounce back next year.

20 (15). Chicago Bears (5-5)…The Bears looked bad as Ryan Grant ran all over them and exposed what many thought was their greatest strength. What can this team do to get consistent?.

19 (20). Minnesota Vikings (5-5)…The Vikes may lose their top defensive tackles to suspension and it could spell doom for a team scraping to get to the top of the division.

18 (23). Green Bay Packers (5-5)…Some feel the Pack have the inside track on the division title, but with three teams at 5-5 it will be interesting to see if they can arise to the occasion.

17 (22). New Orleans Saints (5-5)…The Saints avoided the upset and are still in it by a thread in the NFC, but they need Bush back badly.

16 (19). Denver Broncos (6-4)…The Broncos stayed ahead of the Chargers in the West and have all but wrapped up the West (though they may be the worst division winner in football).

15 (13). Baltimore Ravens (6-4)…The Ravens were exposed against a good team once again and they most likely will be on the outside of the playoff picture down the road.

14 (8). Washington Redskins (6-4)…The Redskins did not look very strong against the Cowboys this week and may have taken a back seat to the boys in the Wild Card race.

13 (10). Philadelphia Eagles (5-4-1)…I really don’t have to mention it…do I?.

12 (16). Dallas Cowboys (6-4)…The Cowboys got Romo back this week and not a moment too soon. This victory may go a long way.

11 (9). Atlanta Falcons (6-4)…Matt Ryan is not only locking up the ROY award, but has entered the MVP discussion as well.

10 (12). New England Patriots (6-4)…Matt Cassel made a ton of money last Thursday and looks to keep the Pats in the mix the rest of the year.

9 (14). Miami Dolphins (6-4)…I can’t say enough about the legacy of Parcells. His disciples include Belichik, Coughlin and Sparano…’nuff said.

8 (11). NY Jets (7-3)…The Jest proved to be the best team in the AFC East this week and look to stay atop the division the rest of the year.

7 (7). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)…The Bucs lost Ernest Graham for the season and now all hopes ride on a luxury automobile.

6 (6). Indianapolis Colts (6-4)…The Colts are continuing to improve and look to be a dangerous team come playoff time.

5 (5). Arizona Cardinals (7-3)…What will the Cardinals do when they have to go east in the snow…Lose???.

4 (4). Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3)…Did the refs do something to keep the spread under control? Not likely but a lot of people were upset this week.

3 (3). Carolina Panthers (8-2)…Are the Panthers a top tier team? We believe they are and are under the radar enough to make some noise.

2 (2). NY Giants (9-1)…I am running out of things to say about how this is a complete team with almost no weaknesses. Amazing that they are missing their best defensive player as well.

1 (1). Tennessee Titans (10-0)…We called this one and we are not sure if the Jets have enough to upend them either.

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Week 11: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

Once again the Tennessee Titans proved all their naysayers wrong by defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars and just about clinching their division. The Defense has been stingy and the offense is, believe it or not, getting better and mor efficient. The Indianapolis Colts are continuing their surge up the Wild Card ladder and Peyton Manning is returning to for. Tell us…would you want to play the Colts in January? We have to give the Lionesses a bit of due for their tough play against the Carolina Panthers. They did not get the win, but it looks like every week they will turn it up in an effort to not go winless this season.

The legendary Dolphins are getting concerned about their annual celebration being threatened again.

The legendary Dolphins are getting concerned about their annual celebration being threatened again.

The Bad

The Oakland Raiders continue their assault on futility by losing in the final seconds to the Dolphins after Miami played a miserable game. Leading the league in penalties has not been good (as it has in the past) for the Raiders and one can only guess how many more coaches and players will ruin their careers in the Bay area. Tonight’s Monday Night Football game is not exactly a barn burner, but we feel they will hopefully entertain us. It could be an ugly game and we are not sure if many will be watching.

This photo was found in Jerry Jones's "to-do" list for this week.

This photo was found in Jerry Jones's "to-do" list for this week.

The Ugly

Accusations stirred this week in Pittsburgh as to the nature of the outcome of the Steelers-Chargers game this Sun. afternoon. In the final seconds in a feeble attempt to score the Chargers started tossing the ball around like a hot potato and finally bumbled int the arms of Troy Polamalu who ran it in for a score. The problem is the refs called it an illegal forward pass…which it clearly wasn’t, and took off from the scoreboard the touchdown…which it clearly was. Some are saying that in an effort to manipulate the spread the officiating crew decided on some improprieties at the wrong moment. If this even hints of foul the NFL could be in trouble and needs to nip it in the bud lightening fast before it gets out of control. Was it blatent? You be the judge.

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Week 11 Pigskin Prognostications

Last Week: 7-6 Overall: 52-46

This week:

NY Jets @ New England

The Jets are riding high after their drubbing of the Rams last week, but they come into Foxboro to play a stingy Pats team that doesn’t give up much and scores just enough. Pick: Patriots

Denver @ Atlanta

Mike Smith has his guys on a role while Mike Shanahan has his guys rolling backwards. Pick: Falcons

Philadelphia @ Cincinnati

The Eagles will travel this week and face a Bengals team that is just looking to save some face this week. It is not likely to happen against a tough Eagles team. Pick: Eagles

Chicago @ Green Bay

Good game, good rivalry, should be interesting. This is the oldest rivalry in football and hopefully we will see another chapter in the book between these two teams. Pick: Bears

Houston @ Indianapolis

This is a Texan team that has a lot of talent and some real weapons, but injuries and inexperience have doomed their season. Indy is on a role and we believe they will be right there at the end of the season. Pick: Colts

New Orleans @ Kansas City

The Saints look like they will have to wait another week for Reggie Bush to return. K.C. has been close in recent weeks and Tyler Thigpen is coming into his own. Pick: Chiefs (Upset Special)

Oakland @ Miami

Here we have a Raiders team that is so far into rebuilding that the foundation hasn’t even set yet. The opposite may be true for a Miami team is turning heads and making Sparano a Coach of the Year candidate. Pick: Dolphins

Baltimore @ NY Giants

Heard on the radio here in Baltimore that this is being as a possible Super Bowl preview. What a joke! This is one of the most homer cities I have ever been in. Pick: Giants

Minnesota @ Tampa Bay

Minnesota got some luck last week in beating Green Bay and will need some more playing a Bucs team coming off of a bye week and is well rested. Pick: Buccaneers

Detroit @ Carolina

Could this be the week that Detroit comes of the winless track? Not likely. Pick: Panthers

St. Louis @ San Francisco

In a game for a high draft pick, Mike Singletary has his best shot at picking up his first victory as head coach. We think his team will rise up for him. Pick: 49ers

Arizona @ Seattle

The Cardinals have struggled some on the road but face a injury plagued Seahawks team this week. Matt Hasselback returns but it may not be enough. Pick: Cardinals

San Diego @ Pittsburgh

The Chargers are the most disappointing team of the season, but still have lots of weapons and a drive to win. We believe that a hurting Steelers team might be in for a tough game. Pick: Chargers

Tennessee @ Jacksonville

In one of the best opportunities to hand the Titans their first loss, Jack Del Rio will have his boys ready to play the division leaders. Many are picking the Jags to upset the Titans and that is when we feel the Titans are at their best. Pick: Titans

Dallas @ Washington

Big game up in the Nation’s Capitol this weekend. The rivalry should heat up with the return of Romo, but we feel that the problems in Big D were there before he got hurt and should be there as he returns. Pick: Redskins

Cleveland @ Buffalo

We have picked the Bills the last three weeks in a row and they have disappointed. We know they are at home and on a three game losing streak but something just doesn’t feel right about this game. Pick: Browns

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The BCS isn’t that bad

It always amazes me how short memories can be. It was not to long ago that people were clamoring for a new system away from the one where two separate poles were the only factors in determining a national champion. When I was a child it was the AP and UPI poles that selected a title and many times a different team was anointed from each pole. Later the USA Today/CNNSI Coaches Pole was adopted to be a different voice to the writers and still we had split champions. So in comes the Bowl coalition and develops our current BCS system based on poles, computers and a percentage of the two. How this is exactly figured out is unknown to me, but what is apparent is a load collective scream calling for a new system, one with a playoff, and decrying the current one. Will a “plus 1” or a playoff solve a few problems? Yes. Will it bring in its own mess of issues as well? YES.

What you will have is an outcry from small schools who don’t get a shot at a playoff spot or the 7th or 9th ranked teams spilling on about how unlucky and unfair the current system is in keeping them down.

The current excuses for not instituting a playoff coming from the alliance are insulting and a mockery at best. Class time, history, too many games, etc. are all lame excuses to hide the real source of unrelenting….MONEY.

If a playoff system could be developed where the universities and the allaince were set to make numerous gains, you can believe they would accept it in a heart beat and throw class time, tradition and athlete safety out the window. The TV contracts and schools income are thought to be at risk with the advent of a playoff and the main people in contempt of the idea are the university presidents.

In the end the system we have has done a pretty good job of sifting through the rubble and crowning a worthy champ. The only time in the last 9-10 years where I feel they went wrong was an undefeated SEC Champ Auburn team getting denied a shot to play for the title. Other than that it has turned out mostly favorable. Just last year no one really argued with a suffocating LSU team as champs and the year before (outside of Michigan who absolutely deserved NO shot ahead of a team they lost to or the SEC champs) everyone agreed that Florida was the most dominating team in the country.

What we need is to stop treating college football like a narcissistic conceded man treats his girl, and cease to attempt to better-deal the system whenever we become discontent with the current scenario. I for one feel that my team (The Gators) are in the hunt every year and just need to win their games…huh could it be that simple?

Just win your games!

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Week 10 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-9)…Not only are they winless, but other bad teams are mocking them during play.

31 (31). Oakland Raiders (2-7)…They have one more win than a few other teams, but believe us they are this bad.

30 (30). Kansas City Chiefs (1-8)…The Chiefs played hard against a desperate Chargers team and almost came up big. Herm Edwards made the right move despite Broncos fans clamouring for a PAT.

29 (26). St. Louis Rams (2-7)…The Rams are reeling after two silid victories. This team has a lot of problems and may be rebuilding for a few more years.

28 (28). Cincinnati Bengals (1-8)…This is a season to forget about. What they need to do in moving forward is stop selecting walking disasters and start using some character guys.

27 (29). Seattle Seahawks (2-7)…The Seahawks have had an injury bug plague this season, but something tells us they would not have been very competitive at full strength either.

26 (27). San Francisco 49ers (2-7)…The 49ers fought valiantly last night, but in the end the coaching staff found a way to squander it by letting their weakest rusher attempt a dive from 2 1/2 yards out. That is why they have seven losses.

25 (25) Cleveland Browns (3-6)…The team is squabbling and some are claiming others quit this week. Romeo Crennel can hear his clock ticking faster and faster.

24 (24) Houston Texans (3-6)…The Texans can not win without Schaub and it may be a few more weeks until he comes back.

23 (18). Green Bay Packers (3-6)…It is hard to believe the Packers were 3-0 at one point as injuries and inexperience have tanked their season.

22 (16). New Orleans Saints (4-5)…The Saints have a potential MVP QB, but really not much else and this season has become one of disappointment and patience until next year.

21 (23). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5)…The Jags save some face this week by beating the hapless Lions, but Jack Del Rio has to be wondering what went wrong.

20 (22). Minnesota vikings (5-4)…The Vikes got by the Packers and kept their division hopes alive. A.P. seems to be coming on and that could mean a late season push.

19 (21). Denver Broncos (5-4)…We can’t help but feel that the Broncos are a dangerous late season team if the defense starts to play at only 25%. Cutler can’t do it all by himself yet.

18 (20). San Diego Chargers (4-5)…The Chargers saved their season by stopping a gutsy Chiefs team who went for two to win the game on the road. They pretty much need to win out with only a one game margin of error.

17 (12). Buffalo Bills (5-4)…The Bills are tanking right along with a QB that has looked not even a shade of his early form. Can they pick it up with a easy three game stretch against a combined 6-21 opponents?

16 (17). Dallas Cowboys (5-4)…They get Witten and Romo back this week which is good enough for a one spot jump in our books.

15 (9). Chicago Bears (5-4)…The Bears looked out matched against a superior opponent especially without their top QB.

14 (19). Miami Dolphins (5-4)…This is a team that could potentially be a worst to first story. If they keep playing well the possibilities are endless.

13 (15). Baltimore Ravens (6-3)…The Ravens are surprising a lot of people and Willis McGahee once again showed how much of a POS he really is. After potentially losing his starting job he played the game of the season. Where was this all along?

12 (14). New England Patriots (6-3)…The Pats look solid, but we fear that under some pressure Cassell might not have the same poise.

11 (11). NY Jets (6-3)…The Jets do not get to move up for destroying the Rams. Everyone destroys the Rams.

10 (5). Philadelphia Eagles (5-4)…The Eagles are a strong team that would be dominating most divisions, but like the SEC in college these teams in the NFC East just keep beating each other up.

9 (10). Atlanta Falcons (6-3)…The can run, they can pass, they can play defense. Can Mike Smith coach this young group to the playoffs? Yes!

8 (7). Washington Redskins (6-3)…We are just not that confident that this team has the guts to take it to the next level. They are playing well and need to sustain it for their own confidence and ours.

7 (6). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3)…The Bucs had the week off and needed it after almost blowing a game to a inferior team. They need to come out strong after the bye and strike some fear into opponents.

6 (13). Indianapolis Colts (5-4)…The team no one hopes makes the playoffs and can you blame them? Would you want to face Manning and Sanders in a one game do or die?

5 (8). Arizona Cardinals (6-3)…This is a scrappy team that has a lights out offense. Problem is can they be consistent away from the desert? Not sure yet, but they all but have the division wrapped up.

4 (3). Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)…The Steelers should have won the game against the Colts had Big Ben not handed them the game. He took the blame and is a true leader for doing so. No w quit making mistakes and the conference could be yours.

3 (4). Carolina Panthers (7-2)…The Panthers are quietly winning a lot of games and sit atop the strong NFC South. They look to be in good shape as John Fox has them believing they could win it all.

2 (2). NY Giants (8-1)…A lot of people are hopping on the band wagon and making these guys #1, but I think you have to give credit to an undefeated team and the second they lose the Giants will reclaim the top spot.

1 (1). Tennessee Titans (9-0)…The Titans have a scary easy schedule the rest of the way. Problem is teams will be gunning for them. Fisher and Collins have this team playing elite football.

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Week 10: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

It is an interesting turn of events when a preseason favorite to win the Super Bowl is in last place in their division and, after losing your all-world defense end and being the defending champs, you find yourself atop the conference standings and looking every bit the title holders you are. The NY Giants have been thoroughly beating all comers and it is going to be a tough road through the Meadowlands in the NFC. The Titans continue to be undefeated and their schedule is not getting any tougher. Finally, the Jets, Patriots and Dolphins have been riding high on good wins and it may be a long shot, but we believe both Wild Cards will come from this division (unless the Colts go on an extreme role).

The Giants, Cowboys, Readskins and Eagles, in a height chart that shows ascendency.

The Giants, Cowboys, Readskins and Eagles, in a height chart that shows ascendency.

The Bad

The San Diego Chargers came into this season a favorite to represent the AFC in the big dance, but now it seems that they are another over-hyped team to go along with a multitude of other predictions-gone-wrong, which is what makes the football a beautiful game. The Bolts almost lost at home the the lowly Chiefs and still remain under .500. The good news is that in what may be the worst division, the playoffs are still a reality and who knows what may transpire in the second season.

This picture is just too funny.

This picture is just too funny.

The Ugly

Just when the Rams came out and beat a few teams they have now regressed to a lower state than when the season started. Getting obliterated by the NY Jets, was ugly and over before the kick-off even took place. This is a team that has talent on offense and just can’t seem to get any consitency or cohesion. It was a good thing they got destroyed this week as it did keep me from commenting on the Lions again.

The new mascots for the Rams are feeling rather sheepish hehe.

The new mascots for the Rams are feeling rather sheepish hehe.

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Week 10 Pigskin Prognostications

Last Week: 7-7 Overall: 45-40

This week:

New Orleans @ Atlanta

The Falcons are on a roll and Matt Ryan looks terrific, but I think the Saints are getting healthy and creating some momentum. Pick: Saints

Tennessee @ Chicago

People are thinking that this might be the week the ’72 Dolphins pop the champagne corks. We disagree. With Kyle Orton injured and Rex Grossman the Bears are facing a staunch Titans defense that will rise to the Chicago crowd. Pick: Titans

Jacksonville @ Detroit

The Jags are in disarray and head coach Jack Del Rio is not a pleasant person to be around. The good news is that hey get to play the Lions this week which could heal all ills, unless they lose. Pick: Jaguars

Seattle @ Miami

The Seahawks are providing Mike Holmgren with his worst season as a head coach so far and it will likely continue this week. The surging Dolphins play host to the long traveled Seattle team and look to keep rising in the AFC East. Pick: Dolphins

Green Bay @ Minnesota

The Packers have become a mediocre team after a fast start and lucky for Aaron Rodgers that start endeared him with the Green Bay faithful or it could have been a long season. The Vikings along with the Jags are the most disappointing teams so far and we are not sensing much in the way of upswing from this team. Pick: Packers

Buffalo @ New England

The Bills are fighting for their lives as a third straight division loss could spell the end of a playoff run for them. Matt Cassell has found himself and is slowly playing better around a familiar Pats team. We think the Bills desperation should be just enough. Pick: Bills

St. Louis @ NY Jets

The Jets are riding high after a road win in Buffalo and get a recently subdued Rams team. Favre feasts on these sort of contests. Pick: NY Jets

Baltimore @ Houston

The Ravens are playing well behind their defense and tricky offense. The Texans just lost their top QB for a month. Something smells funny here and Sage Rosenfels usually plays well in these situations. Pick: Texans (Upset Special)

Carolina @ Oakland

The Raiders continue to be a model of how not to run an organization, while the Panthers seem to manifest the opposite sentiment. Pick: Panthers

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh

The Colts are lucky they squeaked out  victory against the Pats as this week they face a tough Steelers team that is once again without RB Willie Parker. Good thing Mewelde Moore has done well in his stead. Pick: Steelers

Kansas City @ San Diego

What better way to soothe the hangover of two losses and 100,000 miles traveled, than to play the Chiefs. This one could get ugly early. Pick: Chargers

NY Giants @ Philadelphia

The NY Giants have looked every bit the NFL Champs they were last year. This week they role into good ol’ Philly and the Eagles have a little bone to pick with them. This will be a slobberknocker. Pick: Eagles

San Francisco @ Arizona

The 49ers have gone from a team with potential to a potential disaster. The Cardinals might have the best offense in football. Pick: Cardinals

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Week 9 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-8)…Given a look at the Lions remaining schedule it is scary that they could legitimately go winless.

31 (26). Oakland Raiders (2-6)…We thought the Raiders were a couple of players away from being a good team, we were wrong.

30 (31). Kansas City Chiefs (1-7)…The Chiefs played hard, but almost only counts in elections horseshoes.

29 (29). Seattle Seahawks (2-6)…Mike Holmgren pick a bad season to retire as it might be his worst ever. Hopefully the Hawks can send Mike packing with a few more wins.

28 (31). Cincinnati Bengals (1-8)…The Bengals have talent and a great coach to boot, but sometimes when it rains it pours…and its hailing hot coal in Cincinnati.

27 (27). San Francisco 49ers (2-6)…This team has gotten more attention for their off the field antics then on lately, and it does not bode well for interim coach Mike Singletary.

26 (23). St. Louis Rams (2-6)…Just when this team was making some waves they turn out to be mediocre once again. Jim Haslett had them believing, but just not enough talent here.

25 (28). Cleveland Browns (3-5)…Trent Dilfer lashed out at this team for making the QB change when they are playing bad. We agree. There is no need to do this now as there is so much more wrong with this team than just the QB position.

24 (21). Houston Texans (3-5)…With Matt Schaub going to miss a month, this team is in for a tailspin. We love the talent, but need to wait a year to see this team do something special.

23 (8). Jacksonville Jaguars (3-5)…After two abysmal weeks, a once heralded team is now left wondering what went wrong.

22 (20). Minnesota Vikings (4-4)…The Vikings like the Jags are wondering how this happened. Projected to have the best defense and a lot of firepower on offense. Brad Childress had to deal with a QB controversy and it does not seem the team has overcome it.

21 (18). Denver Broncos (4-4)…The Broncos are an amazing team as they have a great offense and a terrible defense. What happens when the offense does not come through? You get beat as they did this week pretty soundly.

20 (13). San Diego Chargers (3-5)…The Chargers had a brutal road trip traveling farther than any team in the NFL. They did not fair so well either dropping games to Buffalo and then New Orleans. Hopefully now that they are back home things will get back on track.

19 (25). Miami Dolphins (4-4)…This is a team that is on a mission to prove that last year was a fluke. They have a lot of talent, but even more than that…they have heart.

18 (16). Green Bay Packers (4-4)…The Packers just signed Aaron Rodgers to a new contract and hope that things will only get better after his first full year as QB. If they do get better it will be because of his maturing.

17 (17). Dallas Cowboys (5-4)…The Cowboys are in for a rough second half. Lots of injuries and an inept coach equals disaster. How long will Jerry Jones let Phillips run the team into the ground?

16 (19). New Orleans Saints (4-4)…The Saints need to get Reggie Bush back in a hurry. They could still make the playoffs with Brees at the helm and a strong push in the second half.

15 (24). Baltimore Ravens (5-3)…We have to give Flacco credit he has impressed and showed much poise. In reality they are riding their defense to a winning record, but in the end this is a slightly above average team that will most likely miss the playoffs.

14 (15). New England Patriots (5-3)…The Pats are coming off a big loss to the Colts in a game that had a little less luster than usual. Next week is the Bills in a game for control of the AFC east.

13 (9). Indianapolis Colts (4-4)…The Colts beat the Pats and have stayed alive in the playoff race. Can Manning bring is team to the forefront of the Wild Card race (because the division race is over)?

12 (4) Buffalo Bills (5-3)…The Bills have lost three of their last four and two division games in a row. If they can not get by the Pats this week it could spell the end of the playoff hopes.

11 (22). NY Jets (5-3)…The Jets stromed into Buffalo and capitalized on a sloppy Bills team. Can Favre keep the Jets playing top tier football?

10 (14). Atlanta Falcons (5-3)…Matt Ryan is making Roddy White and Michael Jenkins look like Rice and Taylor. We aren’t saying he is Montana, but he looks darn good back there.

9 (12). Chicago Bears (5-3)…Rex Grossman gets a chance to prove to a team that he is worth a free agent signing in the off season. Will he keep the Bears in contention this year while Orton heals?

8 (10). Arizona Cardinals (5-3)…If only they could play all their games at home. What fire power as Warner has brought the greatest show on turf to the desert.

7 (7). Washington Redskins (6-3)…The Redskins didn’t have much to offer the Steelers in the form of competition and took a step backwards. This team either looks amazing or dreadful.

6 (5). Tampa Bay Bucanneers (6-3)…The Bucs were getting their butts handed to them until last minute heroics snatched victory from the grasp of the Chiefs. They Lucked out but can’t afford another slip up.

5 (11). Philadelphia Eagles (5-3)…This is a dangerous team that seems to be flying under the raidar and could surprise a few teams if they make it into January.

4 (6). Carolina Panthers (6-2)…The Panthers are a quiet two loss team that has what it takes on both sides of the ball. John Fox is a great coach that always has his guys ready.

3 (3). Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)…Mighty impressive win for the Steelers on Mon. night against a strong Redskins team. If Roethlisberger misses too much time it could be window for the Ravens, but Leftwich is seasoned and will carry them well.

2 (2). NY Giants (7-1)…Not much can be said about the defending champs except that they are rolling on all sides of the ball and are still the team to beat.

1 (1). Tennessee Titans (8-0)…The Titans are still undefeated at the half way point…’Nuff said.

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