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Greatest college football player ever!!




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It will be #3!!

It will be #3!!

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Week 15 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-14)…Well they tied the record for futility and now go for infamy.

31 (31). St. Louis Rams (2-12)…Marc Bulger probably won’t return as the starter and it may be a while before we see the “greatest show on turf” again.

30 (29). Oakland Raiders (3-11)…Tom Cable is upset that Lane Kiffin is raiding the staff. He should worry more about finding his own job next year.

29 (27). Kansas City Chiefs (2-12)…The Chiefs somehow found a way to lose this game and in the process sealed the fate of the staff.

28 (26). Cleveland Browns (4-10)…This is a team in distress and most likely will have an overhauling in the off season. Lets hope they are still bad because it is more fun that way.

27 (30). Cincinnati Bengals (2-11-1)…Not sure if they were more impressive in the win or the Redskins more disappointing in the loss.

26 (28). Seattle Seahawks (3-11)…Mike Holmgren is retiring after the season and we feel for the coach who has to come into this mess.

25 (25). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10)…The are probably better than the teams behind them but not by much.

24 (24). Green Bay Packers (5-9)…Its hard to believe they started out 3-0.

23 (23). Buffalo Bills (6-8)…Can this team find more creative ways to lose, Jauron is a snake for signing his extension after the game and hopefully Wilson will fire him anyways.

22 (20). Washington Redskins (7-7)…Like the Bills and Packers, they started hot and have faultered, but we believe Snyder will stick with Zorn.

21 (21). San Francisco 49ers (5-9)…The team believes in Singletary…does the ownership?

20 (16). Washington Redskins (7-6)…Dissension once again for Snyder’s club. McGahee, Portis, what is it about UM RBs that always have to complain?

19 (17). Denver Broncos (8-6)…Not sure about this team, but everyone wants to play them in the first round.

18 (9). New Orleans Saints (8-6)…We admit they were too high in our rankings. Many believe that Thomas is better than Bush.

17 (18). Chicago Bears (8-6)…The Bears have the outside shot at the playoffs and will most likely be emliminated this week even though they play the Packers.

16 (19). Houston Texans (7-7)…They could be the trendy pick next year and we think they are on the right track, Schaub to Johnson could be a dynamic combo for years to come.

15 (8). Arizona Cardinals (8-6)…Been faultering a bit lately and if they can’t figure out how to win on the road it will be a short post season.

14 (16). Philadelphia Eagles (8-5-1)…After all the talk about the tie, it may be the thing that gets them into the playoffs.

13 (12). NY Jets (9-5)…Keeping pace, the Jets lucked out this week and didn’t look as good as we thought.

12 (14). New England Patriots (9-5)…They may have the easiest road to the playoffs, but Miami and the Jets won’t quit.

11 (13). Miami Dolphins (9-5)…Their wins are not impressive but they are wins and that is all that matters.

10 (15). Dallas Cowboys (9-5)…The Cowboys are playing well again and that is nt good news for the Giants.

9 (7). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5)…What an amazing division and too bad someone will miss out on the playoffs…our bet is the Bucs.

8 (11). Minnesota Vikings (9-5)…They are the hot team right now, but recieved bad news that Pat Williams is out at least until the playoffs.

7 (6). Baltimore Ravens (9-5)…What a fight the Ravens put up against the best defense in football. Although they came out on the short end of a controversial play they remain in the hunt.

6 (10). Atlanta Falcons (9-5)…By land or by air this team can do it all…and with a rookie QB and first year starting RB.

5 (3). NY Giants (11-3)…It is naive to think they wouldn’t miss Plax and with Jacobs hurt, this team isn’t the same.

4 (1). Tennessee Titans (12-2)…The Texans are good, but they should have won this game.

3 (5). Carolina Panthers (11-3)…This team is for real and has enough to win it all.

2 (4). Indianapolis Colts (10-4)…the Colts are the hot AFC team and Manning is most likely the MVP after bringing them back…look out!

1 (2). Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3)…The formula is there: stifling defense, accurate smart QB, power running game and smart coaching.

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The BCS isn’t that bad

It always amazes me how short memories can be. It was not to long ago that people were clamoring for a new system away from the one where two separate poles were the only factors in determining a national champion. When I was a child it was the AP and UPI poles that selected a title and many times a different team was anointed from each pole. Later the USA Today/CNNSI Coaches Pole was adopted to be a different voice to the writers and still we had split champions. So in comes the Bowl coalition and develops our current BCS system based on poles, computers and a percentage of the two. How this is exactly figured out is unknown to me, but what is apparent is a load collective scream calling for a new system, one with a playoff, and decrying the current one. Will a “plus 1” or a playoff solve a few problems? Yes. Will it bring in its own mess of issues as well? YES.

What you will have is an outcry from small schools who don’t get a shot at a playoff spot or the 7th or 9th ranked teams spilling on about how unlucky and unfair the current system is in keeping them down.

The current excuses for not instituting a playoff coming from the alliance are insulting and a mockery at best. Class time, history, too many games, etc. are all lame excuses to hide the real source of unrelenting….MONEY.

If a playoff system could be developed where the universities and the allaince were set to make numerous gains, you can believe they would accept it in a heart beat and throw class time, tradition and athlete safety out the window. The TV contracts and schools income are thought to be at risk with the advent of a playoff and the main people in contempt of the idea are the university presidents.

In the end the system we have has done a pretty good job of sifting through the rubble and crowning a worthy champ. The only time in the last 9-10 years where I feel they went wrong was an undefeated SEC Champ Auburn team getting denied a shot to play for the title. Other than that it has turned out mostly favorable. Just last year no one really argued with a suffocating LSU team as champs and the year before (outside of Michigan who absolutely deserved NO shot ahead of a team they lost to or the SEC champs) everyone agreed that Florida was the most dominating team in the country.

What we need is to stop treating college football like a narcissistic conceded man treats his girl, and cease to attempt to better-deal the system whenever we become discontent with the current scenario. I for one feel that my team (The Gators) are in the hunt every year and just need to win their games…huh could it be that simple?

Just win your games!

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