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It just makes sense!

Greatest college football player ever!!




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It will be #3!!

It will be #3!!

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The BCS isn’t that bad

It always amazes me how short memories can be. It was not to long ago that people were clamoring for a new system away from the one where two separate poles were the only factors in determining a national champion. When I was a child it was the AP and UPI poles that selected a title and many times a different team was anointed from each pole. Later the USA Today/CNNSI Coaches Pole was adopted to be a different voice to the writers and still we had split champions. So in comes the Bowl coalition and develops our current BCS system based on poles, computers and a percentage of the two. How this is exactly figured out is unknown to me, but what is apparent is a load collective scream calling for a new system, one with a playoff, and decrying the current one. Will a “plus 1” or a playoff solve a few problems? Yes. Will it bring in its own mess of issues as well? YES.

What you will have is an outcry from small schools who don’t get a shot at a playoff spot or the 7th or 9th ranked teams spilling on about how unlucky and unfair the current system is in keeping them down.

The current excuses for not instituting a playoff coming from the alliance are insulting and a mockery at best. Class time, history, too many games, etc. are all lame excuses to hide the real source of unrelenting….MONEY.

If a playoff system could be developed where the universities and the allaince were set to make numerous gains, you can believe they would accept it in a heart beat and throw class time, tradition and athlete safety out the window. The TV contracts and schools income are thought to be at risk with the advent of a playoff and the main people in contempt of the idea are the university presidents.

In the end the system we have has done a pretty good job of sifting through the rubble and crowning a worthy champ. The only time in the last 9-10 years where I feel they went wrong was an undefeated SEC Champ Auburn team getting denied a shot to play for the title. Other than that it has turned out mostly favorable. Just last year no one really argued with a suffocating LSU team as champs and the year before (outside of Michigan who absolutely deserved NO shot ahead of a team they lost to or the SEC champs) everyone agreed that Florida was the most dominating team in the country.

What we need is to stop treating college football like a narcissistic conceded man treats his girl, and cease to attempt to better-deal the system whenever we become discontent with the current scenario. I for one feel that my team (The Gators) are in the hunt every year and just need to win their games…huh could it be that simple?

Just win your games!

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