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Week 15 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-14)…Well they tied the record for futility and now go for infamy.

31 (31). St. Louis Rams (2-12)…Marc Bulger probably won’t return as the starter and it may be a while before we see the “greatest show on turf” again.

30 (29). Oakland Raiders (3-11)…Tom Cable is upset that Lane Kiffin is raiding the staff. He should worry more about finding his own job next year.

29 (27). Kansas City Chiefs (2-12)…The Chiefs somehow found a way to lose this game and in the process sealed the fate of the staff.

28 (26). Cleveland Browns (4-10)…This is a team in distress and most likely will have an overhauling in the off season. Lets hope they are still bad because it is more fun that way.

27 (30). Cincinnati Bengals (2-11-1)…Not sure if they were more impressive in the win or the Redskins more disappointing in the loss.

26 (28). Seattle Seahawks (3-11)…Mike Holmgren is retiring after the season and we feel for the coach who has to come into this mess.

25 (25). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10)…The are probably better than the teams behind them but not by much.

24 (24). Green Bay Packers (5-9)…Its hard to believe they started out 3-0.

23 (23). Buffalo Bills (6-8)…Can this team find more creative ways to lose, Jauron is a snake for signing his extension after the game and hopefully Wilson will fire him anyways.

22 (20). Washington Redskins (7-7)…Like the Bills and Packers, they started hot and have faultered, but we believe Snyder will stick with Zorn.

21 (21). San Francisco 49ers (5-9)…The team believes in Singletary…does the ownership?

20 (16). Washington Redskins (7-6)…Dissension once again for Snyder’s club. McGahee, Portis, what is it about UM RBs that always have to complain?

19 (17). Denver Broncos (8-6)…Not sure about this team, but everyone wants to play them in the first round.

18 (9). New Orleans Saints (8-6)…We admit they were too high in our rankings. Many believe that Thomas is better than Bush.

17 (18). Chicago Bears (8-6)…The Bears have the outside shot at the playoffs and will most likely be emliminated this week even though they play the Packers.

16 (19). Houston Texans (7-7)…They could be the trendy pick next year and we think they are on the right track, Schaub to Johnson could be a dynamic combo for years to come.

15 (8). Arizona Cardinals (8-6)…Been faultering a bit lately and if they can’t figure out how to win on the road it will be a short post season.

14 (16). Philadelphia Eagles (8-5-1)…After all the talk about the tie, it may be the thing that gets them into the playoffs.

13 (12). NY Jets (9-5)…Keeping pace, the Jets lucked out this week and didn’t look as good as we thought.

12 (14). New England Patriots (9-5)…They may have the easiest road to the playoffs, but Miami and the Jets won’t quit.

11 (13). Miami Dolphins (9-5)…Their wins are not impressive but they are wins and that is all that matters.

10 (15). Dallas Cowboys (9-5)…The Cowboys are playing well again and that is nt good news for the Giants.

9 (7). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5)…What an amazing division and too bad someone will miss out on the playoffs…our bet is the Bucs.

8 (11). Minnesota Vikings (9-5)…They are the hot team right now, but recieved bad news that Pat Williams is out at least until the playoffs.

7 (6). Baltimore Ravens (9-5)…What a fight the Ravens put up against the best defense in football. Although they came out on the short end of a controversial play they remain in the hunt.

6 (10). Atlanta Falcons (9-5)…By land or by air this team can do it all…and with a rookie QB and first year starting RB.

5 (3). NY Giants (11-3)…It is naive to think they wouldn’t miss Plax and with Jacobs hurt, this team isn’t the same.

4 (1). Tennessee Titans (12-2)…The Texans are good, but they should have won this game.

3 (5). Carolina Panthers (11-3)…This team is for real and has enough to win it all.

2 (4). Indianapolis Colts (10-4)…the Colts are the hot AFC team and Manning is most likely the MVP after bringing them back…look out!

1 (2). Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3)…The formula is there: stifling defense, accurate smart QB, power running game and smart coaching.


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Week 15: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have gotten away with one, but nonetheless they were playing a good team on the road and left with a victory, control of their division and possibly the conference. Big Ben manages better than any QB and makes few mistakes, while the defense is just awesome. Troy Polomolu, James Harrison and the gang stymie most teams and play as wild and aggressive as Troy’s hair. The Cowboys look like they are back and may be scaring some teams as they ride into January. There are times that I believe that maybe all the negativity is just good P.R. work and the agenda is to keep the focus on them while they get better and better.

Steelers fans have become a huge (giggle) reason for their teams success.

Steelers fans have become a huge (giggle) reason for their teams success.

The Bad

Its hard to believe that the St. Louis Rams, only a short eight years ago, were called “the greatest show on turf” as they dominated the NFL with their high flying offense and super fast defense. Now they have fallen to a place where even the worst teams are beating them and it may be a matter of time before a complete house cleaning and over hauling takes place. Other than the Lions no team seems further from being good than the Rams and it we may see guys like Bulger, Holt and Jackson playing in different colors come 2009.

There are still reliable Rams in St. Louis.

There are still reliable Rams in St. Louis.

The Ugly

Once again we have the Buffalo Bills that found a way to lose in the most horrific of circumstances for fans. Winning by three with just over two minutes to play, the coaching braintrust decided that it would be a good thing to have a turnover prone QB roll out (after already throwing two INTs and fumbling twice) and try and throw a pass with only five yards to a first down and another first down to clinch the game. The result: LOSERman fumbled and the Jets defense pranced into the endzone stealing the game. What is most unfortunate is that the Bills had already rushed for 187 yards (the most the Jets gave up all year) and failed to capitalize on this. Jauron is an idiot and no matter how much it costs Ralph Wilson needs to suck up his mistake and pay for it.

Oh what a sad day...Is it okay if I cry now?

Oh what a sad day...Is it okay if I cry now?

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Week 14 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-13)…We can hear it now “with the first selection in the 2009 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select (enter name of bust here).

31 (31). St. Louis Rams (2-11)…Marc Bulger seems to have lost his touch and the Rams may go in another direction next year.

30 (30). Cincinnati Bengals (1-11-1)…T.J. Houshmanzadeh said that he or Chad Johnson will not be with the team next year…What are the odds he prays every night for it to be him?

29 (29). Oakland Raiders (3-10)…Jamarcus Russell is slowly becoming a, you know the B-word, no not Bitch (well maybe…), bust.

28 (28). Seattle Seahawks (2-11)…What an effort Deion Branch put forth against his old team. Now if only all the Seahawks were former Patriots.

27 (27). Kansas City Chiefs (2-11)…Tyler Thigpen has had a good year considering the talent level, but we think they will still bring in someone to challenge him and Croyle next year.

26 (26). Cleveland Browns (4-9)…The Browns are giving Josh Cribbs reps at QB and reports are that Crennel will be fired next year. This was a difficult year for the dog pound.

25 (24). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)…And the award for the most disappointing team goes to…well the San Diego Chargers, but these guys are second.

24 (23). Green Bay Packers (5-8)…This team started hot and has since cooled (wow that was cliche).

23 (21). Buffalo Bills (6-7)…I can’t do it.

22 (22). San Diego Chargers (5-8)…Right now they would beat the Bills.

21 (24). San Francisco 49ers (5-8)…Mike Singletary is doing a commendable job and should be rewarded with an extension…now can they find their QB?

20 (16). Washington Redskins (7-6)…Dissension once again for Snyder’s club. McGahee, Portis, what is it about UM RBs that always have to complain?

19 (20). Houston Texans (6-7)…This team is a completely different club with Matt Schaub running the show.

18 (18). Chicago Bears (7-6)…No identity + inconsistency = NO PLAYOFFS!

17 (17). Denver Broncos (8-5)…This team will win the division by default, but we have no confidence in them.

16 (19). Philadelphia Eagles (7-5-1)…Knocked off the Giants and Cardinals in consecutive weeks and all of the sudden look like a threat again. Will it be too little too late?

15 (9). Dallas Cowboys (8-5)…Barber is hurt and his toughness is being questioned, T.O. is deceptively quiet and Wade Philips is shitting himself on the sidelines every week.

14 (15). New England Patriots (8-5)…They have the easiest road left and two of their division mates will be disappointed when they miss out on the playoffs.

13 (14). Miami Dolphins (8-5)…Somehow they are scraping out victories, but even if they win out it may not be enough.

12 (7). NY Jets (8-5)…They are falling off the wagon, though they still control their own destiny. Favre better get his team under control or they risk losing a great opportunity.

11 (13). Minnesota Vikings (6-6)…The Vikes are slowly pulling away with the division. We still think they need Frerrotte to do anything in the post season.

10 (8). Atlanta Falcons (8-5)…It was a tough fought loss and they looked good despite giving up a lot of points. They need to win the rest to have a shot.

9 (12). New Orleans Saints (7-6)…The Saints are looking dangerous again and could make some noise if it wasn’t for the fact that they are in such a juggernaut division.

8 (11). Arizona Cardinals (8-5)…They clinched their division and get a home game in the playoffs. Hopefully they won’t screw this up.

7 (5). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-5)…Didn’t look so good in giving up a ton of yards to the Panthers, but they are still a team no one wants to face.

6 (10). Baltimore Ravens (9-4)…They are constantly proving us wrong and look poised to make a run. Could Flacco be the next Roethlisberger?

5 (6). Carolina Panthers (10-3)…They looked dominating against the Bucs and Fox has his boys playing extremely well.

4 (4). Indianapolis Colts (9-4)…This team is impressive after starting slow. We think they will go all the way.

3 (1). NY Giants (11-2)…Looked sloppy in the loss to the Eagles. They need to get healthy and passed the distractions fast.

2 (2). Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3)…Great team that has impressed all the way. Can they keep up the momentum?

1 (3). Tennessee Titans (12-1)…They are back in the top spot (probably where they belong) and people are still overlooking this team.

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Week 14: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

The Arizona Cardinals have clinched the NFC West and will play their first playoff game at home. What an accomplishment for the one time laughing stock franchise who were the doormats in the East for years. Granted the west may be the worst division in football, but nonetheless the Cards put up some monstrous points and with the resurgent Kurt Warner at the helm anything is possible. The Tennessee Titans also clinched their division and with Giants losing, once again have reclaimed the best record in football.

Matt Leinart is seen here doing his part for the team.

Matt Leinart is seen here doing his part for the team.

The Bad

My fantasy team in the idiot league was too good that I never played the right players due to all of them being great. What do you do with Reggie Bush, Marshawn Lynch, Ronnie Brown, Steve Slaton and Thomas Jones? Sometimes it pays to be average as I learned that even playing against a bunch of retards it is possible to lose and I did.

This is what I am losing to in fantasy football despite having a stacked team.

This is what I am losing to in fantasy football despite having a stacked team.

The Ugly

The Buffalo Bills were once being lauded as “a sure thing to make the playoffs and “the real deal”. Oh how far the mighty have fallen. The Bills started the season 5-1 and have now dropped the last six out of seven games to fall to a pathetic 6-7. Blame the coach, blame the fact that teams in the beginning were not very good, blame Trent Edwards for losing his confidence, whatever. The real culprit here is the owner. I could sit hear and list the ways that Ralph Wilson as neglected and demolished this once proud franchise, but most are aware of what is going on. Until the team is in the hands of someone capable, this franchise will not compete for the playoffs…and I may not watch another game.

Thank you Ralph Wilson for all the memories.

Thank you Ralph Wilson for all the memories.

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Week 13 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-12)…We are tired.

31 (30). St. Louis Rams (2-10)…We are also tired.

30 (29). Cincinnati Bengals (1-10-1)…Still tired.

29 (27). Oakland Raiders (3-9)…Sigh.

28 (28). Seattle Seahawks (2-10)…You know the drill.

27 (31). Kansas City Chiefs (2-10)…Beating the Raiders doesn’t make you much better.

26 (25). Cleveland Browns (4-8)…Just about everyone is injured and we are not sure if they will win another game this year.

25 (24). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8)…Lost to Sage Rosenfels…what happened to this team?

24 (26). San Francisco 49ers (4-8)…Became the first team to win on the road across the country.

23 (19). Green Bay Packers (5-7)…The Packers are letting it slip away, but may get a break if Minnesota loses its interior line to suspension.

22 (20). San Diego Chargers (4-8)…The most disappointing team this year has to endure four more games.

21 (18). Buffalo Bills (6-6)…Losing at home to the 49ers is unacceptable.

20 (23). Houston Texans (5-7)…We really like the way this team is shaping up. Next year could be their jump.

19 (22). Philadelphia Eagles (6-5-1)…The Eagles still have some fight in them and will play spoiler the rest of the way.

18 (17). Chicago Bears (6-6)…They play lights out one week and can’t find the light switch the next.

17 (21). Denver Broncos (7-5)…All of the sudden they are winning line of scrimmage battles against dominant teams.

16 (15). Washington Redskins (7-5)…They fell flat on their face this week and need to step it up quickly if they want any chance at the post season.

15 (8). New England Patriots (7-5)…They did not show up this week and maybe showed their true colors.

14 (14). Miami Dolphins (7-5)…Left town with a victory, although looked very average in the process.

13 (16). Minnesota Vikings (7-5)…Big win against the Bears and now have to hope their troubled players can still play.

12 (13). New Orleans Saints (6-6)…We still think that the Saints are a powerful offense that could play spoiler to many teams.

11 (10). Arizona Cardinals (7-5)…They were blown out by the Eagles and it makes us wonder if they really have what it takes to go east and beat the favorites in the NFC.

10 (12). Baltimore Ravens (8-4)…Their defense is good enough to get them through a cupcake schedule, but they lose to all the power houses.

9 (11). Dallas Cowboys (8-4)…They are heating up and could be the only team to dethrone the Giants.

8 (9). Atlanta Falcons (8-4)…A surprisingly good road team that could send a favorite packing in the post season.

7 (2). NY Jets (8-4)…After dismantling the undefeated Titans, they looked pedestrian against a sup par Broncos team.

6 (7). Carolina Panthers (9-3)…The Panthers need to be a little more consistent and they took a step in that direction this week, outlasting the Packers.

5 (6). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3)…This is a scary team that some of the teams do not want to play. They have a defense that matches up well with anyone.

4 (5). Indianapolis Colts (8-4)…They were horrible this week against the Browns, but a sign they are still on track is that they managed the win.

3 (4). Tennessee Titans (11-1)…Big win after their first loss this week and they are still a team to reckon with.

2 (3). Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3)…We believe they are the best in the AFC right now after the Jets hiccup and should be in the AFC title game.

1 (1). NY Giants (11-1)…We will finish the way we started. We are tired (of their greatness)…sigh!

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Week 13: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

The Pittsburgh Steelers took a huge step towards separation in the AFC. They went into Foxboro and dismantled the once very hot Patriots. Roethlisberger is playing well while being hurt and the running game is thriving despite Fast Willie’s injuries, but the defense is unmistakeably awesome, not giving up more than 300 yards of offense to any team this year. The Dallas Cowboys seem to be heating up at the right time. Can Tony Romo keep it going into Dec. and Jan.? To this point he has not delivered when the thermostat goes down, but if the fans and the organization are patient, he will eventually bring the ‘Boys back to prominence.

They are winning and this pic is still hilarious.

They are winning and this pic is still hilarious.

The Bad

The Buffalo Bills started the year of winning five of their first six games and had people believing that they were for real. Once again the good people of western New York have been duped by an organization that is not committed to winning. They now sit at .500 and all playoff hopes are gone. We never want to wish ill on someone and hope Ralph Wilson has many more years of health and prosperity, but until the team is in someone else’s hands, they will not compete in this league. The Cleveland Browns had a positive year last year and people thought they might be  sexy pick this year to make some noise. All that has happened is the talent level proved to be less than mediocre and now the first two QB’s are done for the year putting journey man Ken Dorsey in the line of fire. Experts think that Romeo Crennel might be in danger of losing his job…we agree.

In Cleveland and Buffalo, the players will be at home this winter dealing with this...tell me again why free agents don't go to these cities?

In Cleveland and Buffalo, the players will be at home this winter dealing with this...tell me again why free agents don't go to these cities?

The Ugly

The game between the Chiefs and the Raiders was pretty much the worst matchup of the year to this point. Both teams have light years of rebuilding to do and neither is remotely close to winning week in and week out. These are storied AFC organizations and it is a shame to see them as bottom dwellers every year. Hopefully the organizations will make some positive changes soon, because after all they aren’t that much better than the Lions right?

The Raiders Cheerleaders are experimenting with new techniques in motivation.

The Raiders Cheerleaders are experimenting with new techniques in motivation.

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Week 13 Pigskin Prognostications

Last Week: 10-6 Overall: 71-58

This week should see some more blow outs:

Tennessee @ Detroit

Blow Out. Pick: Titans

Seattle @ Dallas

So far Thanksgiving football is not going to be much fun outside of Dallas and Nashville. Pick: Cowboys

Arizona @ Philadelphia

We think that the Eagles will finally show up this week given the primetime home game. Pick: Eagles

San Francisco @ Buffalo

The Bills are in a must win game the rest of the way if they want to sniff the postseason. They should get this one. Pick: Bills

Baltimore @ Cincinnati

I want to pick the upset here, but the Bengals are bad. Watch the spread though it might be closer than people think. Pick: Ravens

Indianapolis @ Cleveland

Quinn is out for the year and Anderson’s confidence might be shattered. Indy will make another statement. Pick: Colts

Carolina @ Green Bay

This might come down to who wants it more. Both didn’t look especially strong last week and we think the tundra will make the difference. Pick: Packers

Miami @ St. Louis

We have a weird feeling about this game, but not enough to pull the trigger. Pick: Dolphins

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Reggie Bush looks to play this week and while he may not be a fantasy wonder his first game back look for the Saints to play tough. Pick: Saints (upset special)

NY Giants @ Washington

As much as we think the Redskins will play strong, the Giants are just to far and away the better team. Pick: Giants

Atlanta @ San Diego

The Chargers are having a rough season and Atlanta his having the opposite. The Falcons run game will be too much for the Chargers. Pick: Falcons

Pittsburgh @ New England

The Steelers are hurting and the Pats are getting stronger. Is it a stretch to tell where this game is going? Pick: Patriots

Denver @ NY Jets

The Jets are playing the best football in the AFC right now while the Broncos are playing some of the worst. Pick: Jets

Kansas City @ Oakland

The Raiders are coming off a surprising blow out win against the Broncos and it should continue this week. Pick: Raiders

Chicago @ Minnesota

The Vikes got a huge win in Jacksonville last week and need another big one this week. They should squeak out a tight one. Pick: Vikings

Jacksonville @ Houston

The Jags are at an all time low and face an underrated and injured Texans team. Jack Del Rio will need to coach them up big time.

Pick: Texans

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Week 12: The Good, The Lions and the Ugly

The Good We believe this was the week that the city of East Rutherford, New Jersey separated itself from the rest of the NFL. The Giants in the NFC and the Jets in the AFC have ascended to the leagues elite and coincidentally play in the same stadium. What Favre has done with the Jets was unexpected even for #4. He took a team that has been owned by some of the better teams in the league and built a healthy confidence that has them beating the elite of the league. On the defensive side, you could argue right now that DT Kris Jenkins is the defensive MVP of the league to this point. Bot these teams are going to be something to reckon with (especially the Giants who I do not see losing again the rest of the year).

The only true NY football team!

The only true NY football team!

The Lions The guys up in Detroit were severely teased this weak when the Lions went up 17-0 on the Bucs, only to blow the lead and proceed to get blown out the rest of the way. This is a very bad team and the more everyone says that they will win a game by the end of the year the more I believe they won’t.

In an effort to promote a winning program the Lions have made these Cowboys there preaseason Game 1 opponents.

In an effort to promote a winning program the Lions have made these Cowboys there preaseason Game 1 opponents.

The Ugly The situation in Philly is getting to a point where we believe it may spell the end of a decade long era in The City of Brotherly Abuse. Andy Reid and Donovn McNabb have had numerous winning seasons, three straight NFC championship births and a Super Bowl appearance, but in the “what-have-you-done-lately” NFL it is all for naught when you start losing. Losing is actually one thing, but the Eagles are self destructing and making a mockery of the organization. After the rule not heard round the world last week, they did not even bother to show up this week and McNabb was subsequently benched in the middle of the game for the even more inept Kevin Kolb. Mcnabb will most likely be leading another team next year, but we think Reid will be out of football for a few years after this disaster. Its too bad because they both have done a lot for football.

This Eagle has a better chance at starting at QB next year.

This Eagle has a better chance at starting at QB next year.

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Week 11 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-10)…They are getting closer to a win, but the schedule really doesn’t help them.

31 (31). Oakland Raiders (2-8)…Not a lot going for this team as Russell is making some worried that he might not be the guy.

30 (30). Kansas City Chiefs (1-9)…We thought they may upset the Saints and they made a game of it for a while, but Brees and Co. were a little too much.

29 (29). St. Louis Rams (2-8)…The 49ers were not a very good team coming into this game and the Rams made them look like contenders.

28 (28). Cincinnati Bengals (1-8-1)…A tie just looks stupid in the standings, but it may have been a win for the Bengals.

27 (27). Seattle Seahawks (2-8)…Matt Hasselback’s rant may have been out of frustration, but can you blame him?

26 (26). San Francisco 49ers (3-7)…They got a much needed victory…Singletary’s first…but this team still is not very good.

25 (24) Houston Texans (3-7)…There may be a few teams that rely on their QB more…but not many.

24 (21). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6)…The Jags had some high expectations coming into the year and may be the most disappointing team to date.

23 (17) Buffalo Bills (5-5)This team started off smoking and has since been extinguished. Four losses in a row has just about ended their hopes for postseason play.

22 (25). Cleveland Browns (4-6)…Quinn got his first win as a pro and now the Browns fans will expect it to be improved upon. don’t forget he is basically a rookie.

21 (18). San Diego Chargers (4-6)…The Chargers played tough this week at Pittsburgh and came up just short. It may be a long off season for Bolts fans, but they should bounce back next year.

20 (15). Chicago Bears (5-5)…The Bears looked bad as Ryan Grant ran all over them and exposed what many thought was their greatest strength. What can this team do to get consistent?.

19 (20). Minnesota Vikings (5-5)…The Vikes may lose their top defensive tackles to suspension and it could spell doom for a team scraping to get to the top of the division.

18 (23). Green Bay Packers (5-5)…Some feel the Pack have the inside track on the division title, but with three teams at 5-5 it will be interesting to see if they can arise to the occasion.

17 (22). New Orleans Saints (5-5)…The Saints avoided the upset and are still in it by a thread in the NFC, but they need Bush back badly.

16 (19). Denver Broncos (6-4)…The Broncos stayed ahead of the Chargers in the West and have all but wrapped up the West (though they may be the worst division winner in football).

15 (13). Baltimore Ravens (6-4)…The Ravens were exposed against a good team once again and they most likely will be on the outside of the playoff picture down the road.

14 (8). Washington Redskins (6-4)…The Redskins did not look very strong against the Cowboys this week and may have taken a back seat to the boys in the Wild Card race.

13 (10). Philadelphia Eagles (5-4-1)…I really don’t have to mention it…do I?.

12 (16). Dallas Cowboys (6-4)…The Cowboys got Romo back this week and not a moment too soon. This victory may go a long way.

11 (9). Atlanta Falcons (6-4)…Matt Ryan is not only locking up the ROY award, but has entered the MVP discussion as well.

10 (12). New England Patriots (6-4)…Matt Cassel made a ton of money last Thursday and looks to keep the Pats in the mix the rest of the year.

9 (14). Miami Dolphins (6-4)…I can’t say enough about the legacy of Parcells. His disciples include Belichik, Coughlin and Sparano…’nuff said.

8 (11). NY Jets (7-3)…The Jest proved to be the best team in the AFC East this week and look to stay atop the division the rest of the year.

7 (7). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)…The Bucs lost Ernest Graham for the season and now all hopes ride on a luxury automobile.

6 (6). Indianapolis Colts (6-4)…The Colts are continuing to improve and look to be a dangerous team come playoff time.

5 (5). Arizona Cardinals (7-3)…What will the Cardinals do when they have to go east in the snow…Lose???.

4 (4). Pittsburgh Steelers (7-3)…Did the refs do something to keep the spread under control? Not likely but a lot of people were upset this week.

3 (3). Carolina Panthers (8-2)…Are the Panthers a top tier team? We believe they are and are under the radar enough to make some noise.

2 (2). NY Giants (9-1)…I am running out of things to say about how this is a complete team with almost no weaknesses. Amazing that they are missing their best defensive player as well.

1 (1). Tennessee Titans (10-0)…We called this one and we are not sure if the Jets have enough to upend them either.

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Week 11: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

Once again the Tennessee Titans proved all their naysayers wrong by defeating the Jacksonville Jaguars and just about clinching their division. The Defense has been stingy and the offense is, believe it or not, getting better and mor efficient. The Indianapolis Colts are continuing their surge up the Wild Card ladder and Peyton Manning is returning to for. Tell us…would you want to play the Colts in January? We have to give the Lionesses a bit of due for their tough play against the Carolina Panthers. They did not get the win, but it looks like every week they will turn it up in an effort to not go winless this season.

The legendary Dolphins are getting concerned about their annual celebration being threatened again.

The legendary Dolphins are getting concerned about their annual celebration being threatened again.

The Bad

The Oakland Raiders continue their assault on futility by losing in the final seconds to the Dolphins after Miami played a miserable game. Leading the league in penalties has not been good (as it has in the past) for the Raiders and one can only guess how many more coaches and players will ruin their careers in the Bay area. Tonight’s Monday Night Football game is not exactly a barn burner, but we feel they will hopefully entertain us. It could be an ugly game and we are not sure if many will be watching.

This photo was found in Jerry Jones's "to-do" list for this week.

This photo was found in Jerry Jones's "to-do" list for this week.

The Ugly

Accusations stirred this week in Pittsburgh as to the nature of the outcome of the Steelers-Chargers game this Sun. afternoon. In the final seconds in a feeble attempt to score the Chargers started tossing the ball around like a hot potato and finally bumbled int the arms of Troy Polamalu who ran it in for a score. The problem is the refs called it an illegal forward pass…which it clearly wasn’t, and took off from the scoreboard the touchdown…which it clearly was. Some are saying that in an effort to manipulate the spread the officiating crew decided on some improprieties at the wrong moment. If this even hints of foul the NFL could be in trouble and needs to nip it in the bud lightening fast before it gets out of control. Was it blatent? You be the judge.

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January 2019
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