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Week 15 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-14)…Well they tied the record for futility and now go for infamy.

31 (31). St. Louis Rams (2-12)…Marc Bulger probably won’t return as the starter and it may be a while before we see the “greatest show on turf” again.

30 (29). Oakland Raiders (3-11)…Tom Cable is upset that Lane Kiffin is raiding the staff. He should worry more about finding his own job next year.

29 (27). Kansas City Chiefs (2-12)…The Chiefs somehow found a way to lose this game and in the process sealed the fate of the staff.

28 (26). Cleveland Browns (4-10)…This is a team in distress and most likely will have an overhauling in the off season. Lets hope they are still bad because it is more fun that way.

27 (30). Cincinnati Bengals (2-11-1)…Not sure if they were more impressive in the win or the Redskins more disappointing in the loss.

26 (28). Seattle Seahawks (3-11)…Mike Holmgren is retiring after the season and we feel for the coach who has to come into this mess.

25 (25). Jacksonville Jaguars (4-10)…The are probably better than the teams behind them but not by much.

24 (24). Green Bay Packers (5-9)…Its hard to believe they started out 3-0.

23 (23). Buffalo Bills (6-8)…Can this team find more creative ways to lose, Jauron is a snake for signing his extension after the game and hopefully Wilson will fire him anyways.

22 (20). Washington Redskins (7-7)…Like the Bills and Packers, they started hot and have faultered, but we believe Snyder will stick with Zorn.

21 (21). San Francisco 49ers (5-9)…The team believes in Singletary…does the ownership?

20 (16). Washington Redskins (7-6)…Dissension once again for Snyder’s club. McGahee, Portis, what is it about UM RBs that always have to complain?

19 (17). Denver Broncos (8-6)…Not sure about this team, but everyone wants to play them in the first round.

18 (9). New Orleans Saints (8-6)…We admit they were too high in our rankings. Many believe that Thomas is better than Bush.

17 (18). Chicago Bears (8-6)…The Bears have the outside shot at the playoffs and will most likely be emliminated this week even though they play the Packers.

16 (19). Houston Texans (7-7)…They could be the trendy pick next year and we think they are on the right track, Schaub to Johnson could be a dynamic combo for years to come.

15 (8). Arizona Cardinals (8-6)…Been faultering a bit lately and if they can’t figure out how to win on the road it will be a short post season.

14 (16). Philadelphia Eagles (8-5-1)…After all the talk about the tie, it may be the thing that gets them into the playoffs.

13 (12). NY Jets (9-5)…Keeping pace, the Jets lucked out this week and didn’t look as good as we thought.

12 (14). New England Patriots (9-5)…They may have the easiest road to the playoffs, but Miami and the Jets won’t quit.

11 (13). Miami Dolphins (9-5)…Their wins are not impressive but they are wins and that is all that matters.

10 (15). Dallas Cowboys (9-5)…The Cowboys are playing well again and that is nt good news for the Giants.

9 (7). Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5)…What an amazing division and too bad someone will miss out on the playoffs…our bet is the Bucs.

8 (11). Minnesota Vikings (9-5)…They are the hot team right now, but recieved bad news that Pat Williams is out at least until the playoffs.

7 (6). Baltimore Ravens (9-5)…What a fight the Ravens put up against the best defense in football. Although they came out on the short end of a controversial play they remain in the hunt.

6 (10). Atlanta Falcons (9-5)…By land or by air this team can do it all…and with a rookie QB and first year starting RB.

5 (3). NY Giants (11-3)…It is naive to think they wouldn’t miss Plax and with Jacobs hurt, this team isn’t the same.

4 (1). Tennessee Titans (12-2)…The Texans are good, but they should have won this game.

3 (5). Carolina Panthers (11-3)…This team is for real and has enough to win it all.

2 (4). Indianapolis Colts (10-4)…the Colts are the hot AFC team and Manning is most likely the MVP after bringing them back…look out!

1 (2). Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3)…The formula is there: stifling defense, accurate smart QB, power running game and smart coaching.


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Week 15: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have gotten away with one, but nonetheless they were playing a good team on the road and left with a victory, control of their division and possibly the conference. Big Ben manages better than any QB and makes few mistakes, while the defense is just awesome. Troy Polomolu, James Harrison and the gang stymie most teams and play as wild and aggressive as Troy’s hair. The Cowboys look like they are back and may be scaring some teams as they ride into January. There are times that I believe that maybe all the negativity is just good P.R. work and the agenda is to keep the focus on them while they get better and better.

Steelers fans have become a huge (giggle) reason for their teams success.

Steelers fans have become a huge (giggle) reason for their teams success.

The Bad

Its hard to believe that the St. Louis Rams, only a short eight years ago, were called “the greatest show on turf” as they dominated the NFL with their high flying offense and super fast defense. Now they have fallen to a place where even the worst teams are beating them and it may be a matter of time before a complete house cleaning and over hauling takes place. Other than the Lions no team seems further from being good than the Rams and it we may see guys like Bulger, Holt and Jackson playing in different colors come 2009.

There are still reliable Rams in St. Louis.

There are still reliable Rams in St. Louis.

The Ugly

Once again we have the Buffalo Bills that found a way to lose in the most horrific of circumstances for fans. Winning by three with just over two minutes to play, the coaching braintrust decided that it would be a good thing to have a turnover prone QB roll out (after already throwing two INTs and fumbling twice) and try and throw a pass with only five yards to a first down and another first down to clinch the game. The result: LOSERman fumbled and the Jets defense pranced into the endzone stealing the game. What is most unfortunate is that the Bills had already rushed for 187 yards (the most the Jets gave up all year) and failed to capitalize on this. Jauron is an idiot and no matter how much it costs Ralph Wilson needs to suck up his mistake and pay for it.

Oh what a sad day...Is it okay if I cry now?

Oh what a sad day...Is it okay if I cry now?

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Week 10: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

It is an interesting turn of events when a preseason favorite to win the Super Bowl is in last place in their division and, after losing your all-world defense end and being the defending champs, you find yourself atop the conference standings and looking every bit the title holders you are. The NY Giants have been thoroughly beating all comers and it is going to be a tough road through the Meadowlands in the NFC. The Titans continue to be undefeated and their schedule is not getting any tougher. Finally, the Jets, Patriots and Dolphins have been riding high on good wins and it may be a long shot, but we believe both Wild Cards will come from this division (unless the Colts go on an extreme role).

The Giants, Cowboys, Readskins and Eagles, in a height chart that shows ascendency.

The Giants, Cowboys, Readskins and Eagles, in a height chart that shows ascendency.

The Bad

The San Diego Chargers came into this season a favorite to represent the AFC in the big dance, but now it seems that they are another over-hyped team to go along with a multitude of other predictions-gone-wrong, which is what makes the football a beautiful game. The Bolts almost lost at home the the lowly Chiefs and still remain under .500. The good news is that in what may be the worst division, the playoffs are still a reality and who knows what may transpire in the second season.

This picture is just too funny.

This picture is just too funny.

The Ugly

Just when the Rams came out and beat a few teams they have now regressed to a lower state than when the season started. Getting obliterated by the NY Jets, was ugly and over before the kick-off even took place. This is a team that has talent on offense and just can’t seem to get any consitency or cohesion. It was a good thing they got destroyed this week as it did keep me from commenting on the Lions again.

The new mascots for the Rams are feeling rather sheepish hehe.

The new mascots for the Rams are feeling rather sheepish hehe.

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