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Greatest college football player ever!!




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It will be #3!!

It will be #3!!

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Week 9 Power Rankings

32 (32). Detroit Lions (0-8)…Given a look at the Lions remaining schedule it is scary that they could legitimately go winless.

31 (26). Oakland Raiders (2-6)…We thought the Raiders were a couple of players away from being a good team, we were wrong.

30 (31). Kansas City Chiefs (1-7)…The Chiefs played hard, but almost only counts in elections horseshoes.

29 (29). Seattle Seahawks (2-6)…Mike Holmgren pick a bad season to retire as it might be his worst ever. Hopefully the Hawks can send Mike packing with a few more wins.

28 (31). Cincinnati Bengals (1-8)…The Bengals have talent and a great coach to boot, but sometimes when it rains it pours…and its hailing hot coal in Cincinnati.

27 (27). San Francisco 49ers (2-6)…This team has gotten more attention for their off the field antics then on lately, and it does not bode well for interim coach Mike Singletary.

26 (23). St. Louis Rams (2-6)…Just when this team was making some waves they turn out to be mediocre once again. Jim Haslett had them believing, but just not enough talent here.

25 (28). Cleveland Browns (3-5)…Trent Dilfer lashed out at this team for making the QB change when they are playing bad. We agree. There is no need to do this now as there is so much more wrong with this team than just the QB position.

24 (21). Houston Texans (3-5)…With Matt Schaub going to miss a month, this team is in for a tailspin. We love the talent, but need to wait a year to see this team do something special.

23 (8). Jacksonville Jaguars (3-5)…After two abysmal weeks, a once heralded team is now left wondering what went wrong.

22 (20). Minnesota Vikings (4-4)…The Vikings like the Jags are wondering how this happened. Projected to have the best defense and a lot of firepower on offense. Brad Childress had to deal with a QB controversy and it does not seem the team has overcome it.

21 (18). Denver Broncos (4-4)…The Broncos are an amazing team as they have a great offense and a terrible defense. What happens when the offense does not come through? You get beat as they did this week pretty soundly.

20 (13). San Diego Chargers (3-5)…The Chargers had a brutal road trip traveling farther than any team in the NFL. They did not fair so well either dropping games to Buffalo and then New Orleans. Hopefully now that they are back home things will get back on track.

19 (25). Miami Dolphins (4-4)…This is a team that is on a mission to prove that last year was a fluke. They have a lot of talent, but even more than that…they have heart.

18 (16). Green Bay Packers (4-4)…The Packers just signed Aaron Rodgers to a new contract and hope that things will only get better after his first full year as QB. If they do get better it will be because of his maturing.

17 (17). Dallas Cowboys (5-4)…The Cowboys are in for a rough second half. Lots of injuries and an inept coach equals disaster. How long will Jerry Jones let Phillips run the team into the ground?

16 (19). New Orleans Saints (4-4)…The Saints need to get Reggie Bush back in a hurry. They could still make the playoffs with Brees at the helm and a strong push in the second half.

15 (24). Baltimore Ravens (5-3)…We have to give Flacco credit he has impressed and showed much poise. In reality they are riding their defense to a winning record, but in the end this is a slightly above average team that will most likely miss the playoffs.

14 (15). New England Patriots (5-3)…The Pats are coming off a big loss to the Colts in a game that had a little less luster than usual. Next week is the Bills in a game for control of the AFC east.

13 (9). Indianapolis Colts (4-4)…The Colts beat the Pats and have stayed alive in the playoff race. Can Manning bring is team to the forefront of the Wild Card race (because the division race is over)?

12 (4) Buffalo Bills (5-3)…The Bills have lost three of their last four and two division games in a row. If they can not get by the Pats this week it could spell the end of the playoff hopes.

11 (22). NY Jets (5-3)…The Jets stromed into Buffalo and capitalized on a sloppy Bills team. Can Favre keep the Jets playing top tier football?

10 (14). Atlanta Falcons (5-3)…Matt Ryan is making Roddy White and Michael Jenkins look like Rice and Taylor. We aren’t saying he is Montana, but he looks darn good back there.

9 (12). Chicago Bears (5-3)…Rex Grossman gets a chance to prove to a team that he is worth a free agent signing in the off season. Will he keep the Bears in contention this year while Orton heals?

8 (10). Arizona Cardinals (5-3)…If only they could play all their games at home. What fire power as Warner has brought the greatest show on turf to the desert.

7 (7). Washington Redskins (6-3)…The Redskins didn’t have much to offer the Steelers in the form of competition and took a step backwards. This team either looks amazing or dreadful.

6 (5). Tampa Bay Bucanneers (6-3)…The Bucs were getting their butts handed to them until last minute heroics snatched victory from the grasp of the Chiefs. They Lucked out but can’t afford another slip up.

5 (11). Philadelphia Eagles (5-3)…This is a dangerous team that seems to be flying under the raidar and could surprise a few teams if they make it into January.

4 (6). Carolina Panthers (6-2)…The Panthers are a quiet two loss team that has what it takes on both sides of the ball. John Fox is a great coach that always has his guys ready.

3 (3). Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)…Mighty impressive win for the Steelers on Mon. night against a strong Redskins team. If Roethlisberger misses too much time it could be window for the Ravens, but Leftwich is seasoned and will carry them well.

2 (2). NY Giants (7-1)…Not much can be said about the defending champs except that they are rolling on all sides of the ball and are still the team to beat.

1 (1). Tennessee Titans (8-0)…The Titans are still undefeated at the half way point…’Nuff said.

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